Beautiful Black Accent Wall Ideas

Looking to add a little drama to your home decor? I've got just the thing for you!

We know that accent walls can bring a whole new level of personality to a room. But why settle for ordinary when you can go for the bold? Black accent walls are the epitome of coolness and sophistication and are any easy and affordable way to transform any space in your home.

Take a look at these trendy ideas for revamping your living room, bedroom, or dining room with a black accent wall. Are you ready to come to the dark side? Let's go!

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Where To Place A Black Accent Wall

Black accent walls can create a bold statement and serve as a stunning backdrop for your decor. There's no hard and fast rules about where to place an accent wall, and the decision will ultimately rest on your personal preferences and unique room layout.

Here's a few tips to help you make the best choice for a wall that has the greatest impact:

  • Look for a wall that is symmetrical and empty of interfering elements like uneven windows, doors, oddly angled ceilings or built in niches.
  • The wall you choose should be the one where your eye is first drawn when you enter the room.
  • Choose a wall that is not partially blocked from view by tall furniture pieces or large mirrors, artwork or window treatments.

Black accent wall living room

One of more popular places for a black accent wall is in the living room, right behind a sofa. Greenblack 6994 by Sherwin Williams is the perfect touch for this chic and modern board and batten wall by Inspiring Investment.

The color you choose for your accent wall should ideally be picked up by several decor pieces. The paint color in this symmetrical black shiplap fireplace surround is Iron Ore SW 7069. Notice how the other black room elements - side tables, sofa blankets, and coffee table - tie in the color palette and bring cohesiveness to the entire room.

As you scroll through these room examples, make it a game to see how many black decor accent pieces you can find in each photo!

When Kendra from Harbor + Pine wanted a strong contrasting shade to balance all the white in her house, she turned to Cyberspace SW 7076, a cool charcoal blue black. She then dressed up a basic wall by adding evenly spaced MDF boards for a perfect board and batten black accent wall behind the TV.

Black accent wall with fireplace

Painting a black accent wall above or around your fireplace is by far the easiest way to create a bold feature that can instantly turn your fireplace into a stunning focal point. Just a little "black magic" makes a huge impact, as these trendy shiplap fireplaces with TV illustrate.

Greenblack paint color makes the flat screen almost disappear in an incredible living room transformation by What BB Built.

House of Silver Lining chose Tricorn Black SW 6258 throughout their home because it's nearly a true black without blue or gray undertones. The contrasting Tricorn Black accent wall adds crisp modern lines and clean definition to their hearth room.

You can add a luxe look without a big price tag by painting an old brick fireplace, like Lindsey at The Rural Legend. Lindsey also chose SW Tricorn Black to cover an outdated white brick fireplace. The black painted brick fireplace highlighted the brick's rustic details, and Lindsey was pleasantly surprised by the openness and coziness a dark paint color brought to the room.

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Black accent wall office

Simple but stunning, this office wall by The Goodman House is painted Tricorn Black. For maximum impact and clean contrast, pair Tricorn Black with Pure White by Sherwin Williams. Adding a large green plant also brings contrast and complements the black beautifully.

Black accent wall bedroom

A modern black accent wall behind the bed, you say? Coming right up!

Achieve instant chic with a sleek black wall (Inkwell SW 6992) or get the modern farmhouse vibe with a board and batten wall (Peppercorn SW 7674) behind the bed. Since black absorbs a lot of light, you can incorporate light furniture and accent pieces to keep the space brightened up and feel more spacious.

Black gallery wall

Interested in creating a gallery wall? A black Iron Ore accent wall totally changes the feel of the hallway and makes a perfect backdrop for the black and white photography display to really stand out.

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Source: The Broadmoor House

Black accent wall dining room

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick brought character to the dining room with this single statement feature wall painted with Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams. The wainscoting adds interest and texture while picking up the square lines in the artwork, mirror, windows and buffet.

Black accent wall bathroom

Black has made its way into the bathroom, where you can consider adding tiles to the wall if you don't want to paint it. A black herringbone accent wall behind the sink is a great way to shield the wall from water splashes and paired with gold metal fixtures looks oh so elegant.

black tile accent wall in bathroomPin
Source: Maria Decotiis

Choosing the right bathroom tile can be daunting with all of the tile bathroom ideas out there.  With these 5 Must-Know Tips to Choose Bathroom Tile, you’ll learn how to choose a tile for your bathroom that you’ll love for years to come.

Black ceiling

Level up your design game by choosing black ceiling paint instead of the traditional white or light neutral. Rockbottom SW 7062 on the ceiling and built-in cabinet is joined with Greek Villa wall paint and organic wood, creating an intriguing and diverse mix of color, contrast, and textures. The black ceiling also creates visual separation by designating the dining room as its own space.

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Source: Home Bunch

As you can see with as little as a can of paint you can create an accent wall that will add a ton of character and interest to your space. The contrast of black with wood tones and lighter colors makes for a bold statement that could be the wow factor your room needs.

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