Tricorn Black SW 6258 – A Soft Black Paint Color

When it comes to black paint colors, no two shades are exactly the same. Just a tiny drop of undertone mixed in with black paint can change the look and feel of your room and allow you to use this bold color in a more sophisticated and inviting way.

That's why Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is so popular. It doesn't have any sneaky undertones that appear blue or brown. Tricorn is a straight-up black, as honest as the day is long, but it has a subtle softness that makes it less stark.

Let's break it down and talk about how using Tricorn Black in your home can lead to a total transformation that commands attention. We'll cover everything you need to know about Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams including photo examples of how best to use this stunning paint color.

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What Color is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black?

Tricorn Black SW 6258 is Sherwin Williams blackest black. In fact, neither Benjamin Moore nor Behr offer an equivalent black paint color that is as deep and dark as Tricorn Black.

Use Tricorn Black paint for interior and exterior doors and trim, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, painted furniture, and accent walls and even ceilings. It can look amazing when balanced with abundant natural light from windows or light neutral colors from other room elements.

Avoid SW Tricorn Black on all the walls in small windowless rooms; its broody intensity can feel overwhelming. Also be careful using it in high traffic areas where children and pets are apt to leave fingerprints and smudges as these are more visible with dark paint colors.

What are Tricorn Black undertones?

The vast majority of paint colors have an undertone - even black paint colors. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is unusual in that it has no visible undertone. It's a true neutral black, neither warm nor cool, with no surprises.

You don’t have to be an interior designer with specialized training to figure out the undertones. In this post I show you the one simple trick to finding paint undertones that works every time.

What is the Tricorn Black LRV?

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a scale from 0-100 that measures how we perceive lightness or darkness of a color and helps determine how we perceive it in a space. An LRV of 0 represents the darkest possible shade on the scale; to the viewer's eye, it would appear as a solid, deep black.

SW Tricorn Black has an LRV of 3 (technically it's between 2 and 3, but rounding is simpler). Hello, black.

With a shade this dark and true, you really don't have to worry about how artificial light might reflect against it, or how it might appear in a south-facing vs north-facing room. You do need to pay attention to whether Tricorn Black paint color is perfect for your home. That's why I highly recommend you test a Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black paint sample on your wall before you commit to a purchase.

The Best Way To Test Paint Colors On Your Walls

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Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black Vs Other Black Paint Colors.

Let's compare Tricorn Black paint to other similar Sherwin Williams black paint colors. All these shades are deliciously rich and velvety and are vibrant statement colors.

Tricorn Black vs Iron Ore

SW Iron Ore 7069 has a softer, warmer finish to it than Tricorn Black, and it has a subtle greenish undertone. Iron Ore is also less intense, but both colors can create an impactful statement. Choose Tricorn Black if you prefer to go all in with a black shade that will give your space maximum contrast and drama.

Tricorn Black vs Black Magic

Here the choice gets less obvious. Both SW 6258 Tricorn Black and SW 6991 Black Magic have a light reflectance value (LRV) of 3, which means they absorb light equally. The main difference between these gorgeous blacks, which is pretty doggone subtle, is undertone. Black Magic has a slight gray/purple undertone (some say red) which lends warmth and gives it a smidgeon of a charcoal cast. Like its cousin SW Iron Ore, Black Magic is not quite as full on black as Tricorn.

Tricorn Black vs Caviar

SW Caviar 6990 sits next to Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black on the paint strip, and if you feel torn between the two, you're not alone. Again, the main difference here is undertone which for SW Caviar is a drop of brown. The biggest advantage of Tricorn Black over Caviar is that Tricorn will never look like another color, no matter what paint you pair it with, how the lighting hits it, or what the room's other decor elements are. Depending on those factors, Caviar can read a bit brown, so it's less versatile than Tricorn paint.

Tricorn Black Coordinating Colors

Tricorn Black pretty much looks fantastic with anything you want to pair it with and it will never go out of style. The most obvious and popular solution is to contrast Tricorn Black with a crisp white (check out these 6 popular white paint colors). Besides the punch of high contrast, white balances out the black and keeps the room from looking too dreary.

A neutral color palette also looks elegant and adds a soothing, earthy warmth to the room. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray or Sherwin Williams Classic Light Buff would work beautifully.

If you'd like a stronger color statement, deep blues like Sherwin Williams Waterloo will make Tricorn Black SW pop out even more.

Photos of Rooms With Tricorn Black Color Palette

Let's take a look at some real examples of interiors and exteriors painted with SW Tricorn Black.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black Exterior

Tricorn is a sophisticated and elegant black in high demand as an exterior trim color, particularly on the front door. Don't look for it as a primary exterior house color, however. In fact I couldn't find a single representation to show you.

Tricorn Black front door

A classic and classy choice, Tricorn Black looks as comfortable on this modern and sleek front porch as it does on the front door of a grand restored home.

Notice how the porch's other decor elements - windows, light gray rug, natural wood - provide the balance and show off Tricorn to its best advantage.

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Source: Taryn Whiteaker

Traditional meets modern in this restored home styled by Erica at Style & Grace Interiors. By adding touches of black (chandeliers, sconces, planters) around the Tricorn Black front door, she beautifully tied the whole look together.

Tricorn Black garage door

Stylish and rich-looking, Tricorn Black on this garage door is on-trend and perfectly complements the white trim and neutral stone work. A word of caution: black attracts heat so if you live in hot climate or where the afternoon sun directly hits your garage, discuss with your painter before choosing a Tricorn Black garage door.

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Source: Elegant Painting

SW Tricorn Black interior doors and trim

Tricorn Black interior doors add to the dramatic effect created by the soaring ceilings and the black matte door hardware adds to the chic monochromatic look. Tricorn Black also accentuates architectural details like on these living room windows.

By the way the paint on your interior doors and your trim do not have to match. Choosing white trim with black doors tones down the overall contrast, while black trim with black doors increases boldness.

This black staircase feels so elegant and timeless. Stairs see a lot of traffic so Oksana of Foxie Oxie used a special heavy duty version of Tricorn Black in porch and floor enamel for the treads. I love the modern style and bold contrasting color statement she achieved with this remodel.

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Tricorn Black accent walls

The bedroom below is styled in a mid-century modern vibe with a stunning SW Tricorn Black board and batten accent wall. Notice how the other room design elements in both the bedroom and office pop against the black.

Jessica of From Grit to Pearl took a plain neutral dining room and with a little Tricorn Black paint and a sprinkle of carefully chosen accessories, created a place of warmth where her family and friends can connect over a meal.

This gallery wall painted with Tricorn Black has an amazing vibe in a former sunroom brought to life by designer Morgan Metzger. The artwork looks totally cool and really stands out much more than if the wall were painted a light neutral.

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Tricorn Black cabinets

This gourmet kitchen featured by Sherwin Williams works because it has a strong balance of white flooring and walls contrasted with Tricorn Black cabinets and window trim (brushed gold metals in the lights and drawer pulls add a touch of glam and the rich wood countertop contributes warmth).

Katrina Blair added depth to a small bathroom by painting a plain grey vanity with Tricorn Black, and tied it together with black hardware on the door. Gold hardware and the simple flower vase soften the room and keep it from looking too stark.

House of Rad designed a massive working pantry and chose Tricorn Black paint to bring the pantry to life. Tricorn looks fabulous on any cabinetry and the combo of gold or brass with black is unbeatable!

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

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