COLOR MADE CLEAR - Interior Decorating Course

Color Made Clear is a self-paced, online decorating course that teaches you how to choose and use color in your home with confidence.

  • even if you’re stuck with colors (on things like cabinets and flooring) you don’t love.
  • even if you’re afraid of color or love lots of color.
  • and even if you’ve made your share of color mistakes in the past.
choosing colors for your home

Get access to video lessons, worksheets, cheat sheets, and more inside.

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“I finally understand how to work with the colors in my home I can’t change and get the look I want!”

Kristen L.

Course: Color Made Clear


“This is the most clear description I’ve ever encountered about how to apply color theory to a home! Thank you so much!”

Chelsey L.

Course: Color Made Clear

Get color right in your home the first time.

Do you answer yes to any of these?

  • Do you have a hard time finding colors that go together nicely?
  • Do the colors you choose ever end up too dark or too bright?
  • Do you want to use color in your decor but you’re afraid you’ll mess it up, won’t like the colors you choose, or will get sick of them?
  • Do you have colors in your home that you can’t change and need to work with?
  • Do you not know where to use color to get the look and feel you’re going for?
  • Do you want a cohesive look that flows from one room to the next, without every room looking exactly the same?

Using color in your home effectively goes way beyond paint.
Inside this course you'll…

Decorating course - choosing colors for your home

Learn everything you need to know about color and how to identify undertones so you end up with the exact colors and shades you love.

Color Made Clear course worksheets

Create your own unique color scheme to make your home flow from one room to the next and work with colors in your home that you can't change.

Color course for diy decorators

Learn how to use your color scheme to give each room its own personality while maintaining a cohesive look.

I've broken down everything you need to know into short & actionable video lessons with printable worksheets and cheat sheets to teach you…

Color Basics

Color Made Clear interior color basics

Color plays a major role in how we feel in a space. In this unit you'll…

  • learn how different color combinations work together.
  • the role of color, shade, and intensity and how it affects the way a space feels.

How To Identify Undertones

CMC identifying undertones

Undertones are the culprit to most color mistakes. In this until you'll…

  • learn to identify undertones in paint, wood finishes, fabrics, and carpets so you get the exact colors and shades you’re going for.
  • how to warm up or cool down colors so you can use any color combination you want without the colors clashing.

How To Work With Existing Colors

CMC working with existing colors

Budget often doesn't allow you to change certain colors in your home but that shouldn't stop you from creating a home you love. In this unit you'll…

  • learn how to work with or against existing colors on things like cabinetry or flooring that you can’t change to still get a fresh look you love.

Create Your Unique Home Color Palette

CMC color palette unit

Now that you're armed with all the color knowledge you need, I'll walk you through the steps to create your unique home color palette and you'll learn...

  • how many colors you should include in your color palette.
  • which colors to include in your color palette.
  • how to key in on colors that will get you the exact feel you want in your home.

Master Color Placement

CMC color placement

Whether you love bold color or subtle color, knowing where to use color to get the exact feel you want in your home is essential. In this unit you'll…

  • learn the formula for adding color to any space so your home flows from one room to the next without every room looking the same.
  • learn my simple, yet super effective trick for using color to add interest and draw your eye around the room.
  • how to use your color palette in any space.

You’ll also get access to these awesome bonuses…

Bonus #1: Create Your On-The-Go Color Kit

Don't make decor choices without your colors with you. Keep your colors handy and ready to take shopping. I'll show you…

  • how to create a printable color vision board to visually represent your home color palette
  • how to keep color samples of your carpet, fabrics, paints, and wood finishes organized and easy to take with you when you’re out shopping.
CMC - bonus - color kit

Bonus #2: Color Q & A Bank

Get access to mini lessons based on the most common color questions I've gotten from Color Made Clear students so you can learn from their unique color situations and apply the solutions to your own home.


“Corey is an amazing teacher. She teaches one small concept at a time and each lesson builds on the next so I never feel overwhelmed or lost. And I love that she uses examples to show exactly what she means so I can put the lessons to use right away!”

Erin P.

Course: Color Made Clear

Hi! I'm your teacher, Corey.

Corey - Hey There Home Blog

I share my decorating tips with more than 31,000 readers and I can't wait to simplify the process of choosing and using color in your home with you. As a busy mom of two, I understand how important it is to create a beautiful and inviting home that can be lived in, not just looked at, and know that the way your home feels affects the way you feel.
As a trained, experienced, and born teacher - I used to teach high school, I knew I needed to create an in depth program to take the guess work out of choosing colors for your home and teach you a simple way to use color to get the cohesive look you're craving in your home.

Really understanding how to use color on your walls, in your furniture, and in the accessories you choose leads to transformations like these…


“I will never spend 6 months deciding on a paint color again!”


Course: Color Made Clear

Game Changer

“Learning how to identify undertones and choose the right colors to work with the design features I can’t change (at least for now) has been a game changer!”

Julie M.

Course: Color Made Clear

Are you ready to learn a skill that will forever give you confidence in the color choices you make?

Enroll now and in just a few minutes you'll be diving into lesson one!

You'll get lifetime access to...

Color Made Clear course mockup
  • 5 units with 17+ video lessons on color
  • printable worksheets to plan and put your color palette to use
  • bonus #1: How To Create Your On The Go Color Kit
  • bonus #2: Color Question & Answer Bank
  • access to our private student community where you can ask questions and share your progress.
14 day guarantee

Color Made Clear comes with a

14 day money back guarantee

I want you to be super happy with Color Made Clear, which is why if you do the lessons within 14 days and still aren’t happy, I’ll give you your money back.

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Still have questions?

When does the course start?

As soon as you enroll you'll get access to the course area with 5 units of lessons, printable worksheets, cheat sheets, and special bonuses.

How will the course be delivered?

This is an online course. You'll log into the course area to watch video lessons, print out worksheets, and access other course materials from the comfort of home, on your schedule.

How long does it take to get through the course?

The course is designed to work at your own pace, but I've broken the material down into 5 sections to take you step-by-step through the process without overwhelming you. Each section has 2-5 video lessons (4-8 min. each) and worksheet exercises for you to complete. You get lifetime access to the course material including any future updates.

What are my payment options?

You can pay with Paypal or use a credit card on our secure payment system. You'll get access to the course area as soon as payment is complete.

What is your refund policy?

If you go through the lessons, do the work, and aren't satisfied, you have 14 days to request a refund.

What if I have zero design skills?

No design skills are required to get big results from this course. If you're eager to create a home you love and are willing to work through the steps I lay out, you'll end the course with a color plan for your home and know how to put it to use in any space.


“Colors are so much more fun after this class!”


Course: Color Made Clear

Not stuck anymore!

“I was so stuck because of the 1986 floors we have but now I know exactly how to work with them (and distract from them) using color!”


Course: Color Made Clear

A home you love is possible for you.
Let's make it happen!