22 Modern Board and Batten Wall Ideas

Sometimes not even paint or shiplap can fix a blank and boring wall, so ....

Welcome to the world of board and batten accent walls!

Board and batten walls are a great way to bring texture and timeless charm to any space. Within the last few years, this classic architectural style has become a popular choice for modern and affordable accent walls.

Board-and-batten can be done in an endless variety of unique styles, colors, and designs to help you elevate the look of your space in a fun and extra special way that adds a ton of character. You can even change up the traditional vertical pattern or if you're feeling really daring, put it on the ceiling!

Have a look at these modern board and batten wall ideas for inspiration for your next DIY project to take the style of your home to the next level.

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What Is Board-And-Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding is a paneling style that uses narrow strips of wood (called a "batten") placed over the seams between wide boards for a layered effect.

Back in the day, batten and board was used for exterior structures like barns and garden sheds because it was inexpensive, easy to assemble, and kept out rain and cold.

Today it's a sought after look in modern and high-end home exteriors due to its trendy, versatile, and interesting style.

Take a look at the clean vertical lines of this stunning board and batten exterior by Craftivity Designs.

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Board and Batten Interior Walls

Come along and tour these rooms for amazing board and batten wall ideas; I think you'll agree that there's almost no end to the creative ways you can put board and batten accent walls to use inside your home!

Board and batten entry way

Kate from House Mix says it took her about 7 hours working alone to create this gorgeous and practical board and batten half wall with hooks for jackets and backpacks.

Jessica Sara Morris used peg hooks and a picture ledge to grace the top of her blush board and batten entry wall in what she describes as a "small, dark rental" before she brightened it with paint.

Over at Thrifty Decor Chick, Sarah tackled a blank staircase wall and transformed it by adding board and batten wall treatment with picture ledges. It's the perfect accent to give the living room character without taking over the space.

Board and batten fireplace

Built in shelves and cabinets flank a fireplace in this classic and cool interior by Bria Hammel Interiors featured in Decor Pad. The clean lines of the board and batten TV wall from mantel to ceiling adds the perfect touch.

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Board and batten office

Raise your hand if you want to work in the gorgeous home office. The serene sage green board and batten on the accent wall definitely is a show stealer. Designed by Easton Lane Design.

Installing board and batten around windows takes careful planning and measuring and Sarah Rice Design hit it out of the park with this design.


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Board and batten bedroom wall

These board and batten accent wall ideas banish the blahs in a variety of ways that suit any budget and style. Although white board and batten is the color of choice for many, others opt for bolder colors to suit their color palettes like the black board and batten walls pictured below.

Dark board and batten with a picture ledge acts as a headboard and a board and batten accent wall with windows above the bed in a master bedroom make the widows look like art.

This Bboard and batten wall pairs with bold floral wallpaper in a girl's bedroom, acts as a headboard with picture ledge in a master bedroom, and adds cozy texture and interest to a flat bedroom wall.

Small spaces, big impact.

Board and Board Materials: For the exterior, look for durable water and rot resistant wood such as cedar, cypress, redwood and fir. You can also use vinyl, steel, or fiber cement.

Board and batten interior materials can be pretty much any type of wood or MDF.

Board and batten hallway

Hana's Happy Home features a beautiful green board and batten accent wall. She started with a blank slate hallway and shares her beginner level DIY board and batten wall tutorial on her blog (board and batten hallway paint SW Pewter Green).

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Board and batten bathroom

The powder room makeover by Sweet Beast features gray vertical batten and board full walls, while the master bath makeover by Home With Krissy paired a white bathroom board and batten half wall with wallpaper. Both choices helped transform the rooms with minimal effort and expense.

One thing Amy at Delineate Your Dwelling loves about board and batten is how easily the look can be modernized. To modernize the traditional farmhouse style, she recommends painting with fresh bold colors and building the wall taller than the typical chair rail height.

Board and batten vs wainscoting: Sometimes they can mean the same thing. Most often, wainscoting is a wood material wall treatment features panels, railings and mouldings in decorative patterns. It’s used in the interior only.

Board and batten can be on the exterior too and features rectangular wood pieces joined by thin strips called “battens”.

Board And Batten Designs

Most people choose vertical board and batten, but you've probably noticed in the pictured examples that some opt for horizontal board and batten or a mix of both for a rectangle effect. You can even vary the widths of the rows to create your own pattern.

There's literally no end to the unique and varied patterns a board and batten wall can have to make a huge difference in your space. Feature walls like the ones below amp up the modern vibe.

(Be sure to check out the DIY board and batten tutorial for that amazing "crazy" diagonal bedroom wall at Polished Habitat!)

Herringbone board and batten in a child's room creates a stunning focal point for only $40 in lumber.

Moody blue paint comes together with board and batten offset rectangles for a modern, stylish nursery.

The simplicity of this white board and batten ceiling at Life on Virginia Street adds a coastal vibe and a sense of tranquil stability to the bedroom.

And while this accent board and batten wall isn't technically board and batten, the linear design created by Remington Avenue uses MDF slats to create a visually appealing, one-of-a-kind dining room.

I hope this inspires you for your own home! If you're unsure, take the time to scout around, gather ideas, and choose the board and batten pattern that you love and can afford. Costs vary depending whether you decide on do it yourself board and batten or go with a pro installation.

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