How To Decorate A Large Wall – 10 Designer Approved Ideas

Have a large wall to decorate but you're not sure what to do with it? Decorating a large wall can be overwhelming because of the size, but don't worry I've got you covered. These large wall decor ideas will have you adding wall decor to that big blank wall in no time!

Browse the large wall design ideas below and use any one or combo of them to decorate big walls whether you have a long wall to decorate or a really tall wall.


1. Hang Oversized Art

Large scale art is one of the easiest ways to decorate a large wall. It is a perfect opportunity to showcase your style or add some personality with art that is meaningful to you while creating a focal point in any room.

Keep the oversized wall art light without a lot of contrast to your wall color like they did in this light and airy office.

large wall decorPin
Large scale art in office - via Blesser House
decorating a big living room wall with large scale artPin
Oversize living room art - Pinterest

Or go with darker colors that contrast your wall color for a bolder look.

2. Hang A Tapestry Or Rug

Another way to add a ton of character and possibly tell about your heritage or an amazing travel experience is to hang a handmade tapestry or rug on your wall as art.

Ashley at Bigger Than The Three of Us made a DIY canvas and attached her tapestry before hanging it to decorate her big living room wall, but you could easily hang it without framing it too.

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Large framed tapestry as wall art - Bigger Than The Three Of Us

3. Design A Gallery Wall

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Gallery wall on large dining room wall - Digs Digs

Gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to decorate big walls because there are gallery wall layouts and frame styles to fit any decorating style.

A gallery wall gives you the opportunity to tell your story with family photos, art you love, framed mementos, or a mix of things.

Pro Tip: For an updated look, keep the frames simple and thin with a wide matting. For a more formal look keep the color palette of the photos or art neutral or for a more casual and fun feel use more color in the photos.

4. Use Long Furniture To Frame The Space

If you're trying to figure out how to decorate a long wall, a long piece of furniture is going to be your best friend. Using a long furniture piece will help ground a big blank wall and give somewhere for your eye to land. Not to mention it will give you a nice place to add smaller decor items.

Long console table

When decorating a big living room wall or a long wall in a hall or entryway one option is to add a long console table along the wall.

Not only will this give you some always needed extra storage, it will provide a space above it to add decor and create a vignette or focal point drawing your eye in and breaking up the expanse of any huge blank wall.

large wall to decoratePin
Long console table - Life On Virginia Street
wall decor ideas for large wall in dining roomPin
Low shelves - Shelterness

Long and low shelves

If the large wall you're working with doesn't have a really high ceiling you might consider adding low profile shelves to ground the wall and use it for display space.

Long bench

A long bench can work particularly well in a long wall in an entryway.

Again it helps draw your eye to a specific space on the long wall and adds a functional spot to put on shoes.

Add a few pillows and you've got a functional and stylish entryway.

how to decorate big walls with gallery framesPin
Long bench - Simply Taralynn

5. Create A Built In Library Wall

Shelves and bookcases will give you endless opportunities to both show your decor style and add storage. If you're an avid reader and have an expansive book collection, use a big blank wall to create a built in library wall.

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Built in library wall - Better Homes & Gardens

6. Add Subtle Texture

Some of the best design elements in a space are often subtle. Your first thought when trying to figure out how to decorate a big wall might be to fill it with something but by simply adding a bit of texture to the wall you can add interest without adding any "stuff".

Board and batten detail

This board and batten accent wall adds just enough character and huge living room wall that the need for art above the sofa is obsolete. And painting everything white keeps it really light and airy without feeling stark.

Picture frame molding

Another way to add interest to a large blank wall is to add picture frame molding. The detail of the molding adds just enough texture to a wall so the wall doesn't appear so massive and blank.

Picture frame molding definitely goes well with more a traditional decorating style but much of that will depend on how thick and how detailed the molding is. Going with a slightly wider piece of trim with less detail will make this look more modern.

how to decorate a long wall in a living room with picture frame moldingPin
Big living room wall with picture molding - Shades Of Blue Interiors
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Long dining room wall with picture molding - Apt. Therapy

7. Use Greenery And Tall Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to add color and softness to any space but if you're trying to figure out how to decorate a huge wall, adding a tall indoor tree is a great way to add softness and texture.

Pro Tip: Use an oversized planter to really ground your indoor tree and add even more style and texture to your space.

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Tall indoor tree - Not Just A Housewife

8. Display A Collection

Your collections can say a lot about your interests and personality so why not use that big blank wall to display a collection? The possibilities are endless here with so many different collections that could be displayed. Install shelves for smaller items or hang a collection in an interesting shape or pattern to make it into unexpected wall art.

large blank wall ideasPin
Display vintage cameras - Shelterness
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Display a plate collection - Tesoro World

9. Use A Bold Paint Color

Adding a deep saturated wall color like a deep black or gray green paint color is a really easy and inexpensive way to make a statement out of your large wall. You can layer a beautiful color on top of any texture you add or simply paint your existing wall for a bold pop that makes it look like you left it blank on purpose.

black accent wall bedroom with board and battenPin
rosemary green sherwin williams laundry roomPin

10. Lean Large Mirrors

Similar to oversized art, an oversized mirror is a great addition to a large wall. Not only will the mirror reflect light, it acts as art by simply reflecting the items in front of it and when you lean it against the wall it adds drama and sophistication to any space.

Please be careful with this one especially if you have kids! It’s important to secure the top of the mirror to the wall to prevent it from falling and make sure it’s secure.

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Large mirror leaned against big wall - My Domaine
wall decor for large wallsPin
Lean large mirror - Home Made By Carmona

Go-To Style Formulas For Decorating Large Walls

As you can see in the images above, when it comes to decorating ideas for big walls there are a lot of possibilities. You can keep it simple and apply just one idea, or you can layer in a few of these large wall design ideas for a stylish look.

Here are some of my favorite go to combos.

Long Console + Leaning Large Scale Mirror

The long console in this entryway fills this long wall nicely and the tall leaning mirror helps fill the space on the tall wall while keeping the color palette neutral.

decorating ideas for big wallsPin

Board and batten + bold color

Board and batten can be applied in a multitude of ways and this modern design mixed with the bold green paint leaves no need for anything else to decorate this large bedroom wall.

dark green accent wall bedroomPin

Oversized Art + Tall Greenery

In my own open concept living room and dining room there is a really long wall that joins the spaces. In an effort to define each space without closing one part off to the other I added a really big canvas art to define the sitting area and added tall plants right about where the two rooms meet to give your eye just a hint of a divider and fill in the long white wall.

I hope you feel inspired by these large wall design ideas to take on that big blank wall that's been staring at you and add some style to your home.

Thanks for stopping by!