Traditional Home Decor Style Guide

Traditional home decor is one of the most common interior design styles because it's timeless and can easily mix and layer with other styles.

If you live in a traditional style house, going with a traditional style is probably a no brainer. You'll naturally include a lot of traditional furniture, but there are characteristics of traditional interior design that make it unique.


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What Is Traditional Design?

Traditional interior design takes cues from the 18th and 19th centuries but is less formal.

Traditional home decor is often described as predictable and orderly but don't go confusing it with being boring. Because traditional design calls for a soft color palette and a lot of symmetry it makes your home feel calm and cozy, and has a lot of layered details that create interest.

What Are The Features Of Traditional Style Home Decor?

  • Traditional style homes often have details that make them feel elegant like moldings, built in cabinetry, and paneling.
  • Layout plays a big role in traditional design. There is a lot of symmetry in both the structure of the home and in furniture placement which is why you'll find a lot of pairs when looking for traditional home decor ideas.
  • Traditional furniture has ornate details that mimic the details on moldings and paneling.
  • Curves are also a characteristic of traditional home interiors. Things like rolled armed sofas, rounded back chairs, and curved or turned furniture legs.
  • Traditional design style window coverings are heavy with pleated details.
  • Accessories are not minimal and include a lot of the same ornate details typical of traditional design. Think sconces, vases, and patterns with details and curves.
  • Traditional interior design colors often include neutrals such as creams, greys, tans, and muted colors.

Examples of Traditional Style

This traditional house design includes lots of woodwork and details. You can see paneling on the far wall, crown molding, window and door casing throughout, and built in cabinetry and shelving.

The furniture has a lot of curves and a neutral palette and there is a lot of symmetry in the layout.


This traditional living room also has a lot of wood detail on the built in cabinetry and casings.

The furniture layout is perfectly symmetrical and the upholstered furniture has tufting detail.

Color palette for tradtional decorPin

Traditional interior design color palettes are typically soft and neutral but not always.

Dark neutral paneling with thick drapery panels are also traditional in style.

And when mixed with curvy furniture and accessories you get a slightly more masculine traditional design style.


Classic Decor Style vs. Traditional Decor Style

Classic and traditional design are very similar.

Features of classic interior design include the same ornate details that you find in traditional design but the color palette shifts to more dark wood tones and more saturated colors on fabrics and furniture.


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How To Get A Traditional Interior Design Style

To start creating a traditional style home you'll want to…

  • add wood detail like paneling, crown molding, and window and door casings.
  • look for traditional furniture with details like curves, wood detail, tufting, and pleats.
  • stick to neutrals and muted colors.
  • keep your furniture layout symmetrical and use a lot of pairs.

Here are some ways I've brought traditional style into my home:

Where to shop for traditional home decor:

Traditional furniture and accessories are easy to find because it is a common interior design style.

A few of my favorite stores to shop traditional decor are:

To make it easy for you, I've rounded up some of my favorite traditional decor finds.

For fresh traditional decor it's important to layer in other styles. Too much of one style won't showcase the different parts of your personality and make your home feel like you.

You'll start with traditional furniture pieces that anchor your space but to elevate your traditional style you'll want to layer in other design styles as well.

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