Revealed: My Neutral Paint Colors

The exact paint colors I use in my home! It’s all about neutral paint colors that are calm, relaxing and very versatile

Folks keep asking, so I dug through my garage and I’ve come up with an answer!

My most favorite thing to teach you is how to create a home you love.

Sometimes that means that I show you how to make something awesome for way less than you could buy it, but usually that means taking something daunting like choosing colors and explaining it in a way that makes it way less overwhelming.

That was the goal when I wrote how to create a whole home color palette and I’ve had so many of you send me virtual high fives cause you gained confidence to face color head on in your homes, but even though the point was to guide you to choose your own colors, it seems that people just want to know the exact colors I use in my home.

I get it.

You see. You like.

It might just be the color for you too!

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t answer that burning question so today I’m sharing the exact paint colors that I’ve used in my home!

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three neutral paint colorPin

The Foundation of My Whole Home Color Palette

It might surprise you to know that it took me awhile to add pops of color to my home because I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go so at first, I stuck with a decently monochromatic color scheme of greys and blues like you see below.

Starting with these neutrals was a great way to have a nice, calm look while I figured out my next color move — cause a home isn’t decorated overnight!

These colors were also the perfect foundation for adding more color later on because they go with pretty much everything!

family room - way beforePin

Ok so the big question has been… wait for it….

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What’s the name of the greige wall color in your home?

It is Requisite Gray by Sherwin Williams.

I love it because it’s the perfect greige for my space. It has a lot of grey in it with just the right amount of brown undertone to make it feel warm –– and like I said it goes with everything!

When we finally got the keys to this house (the day after my first kid was born) we redid the floors and baseboards and had all of the main living spaces and hallways painted.

I was in no place to make any big color decisions so we went ahead and painted all of those spaces in this beautiful greige color so that we had a clean coat of paint on the walls ready for us to move in – there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was going to move in in its current condition of yellowish off white everything.

I’ve since taken on a few rooms to change up the color.

For example, when we designed this built in, I wanted to add some color to the family room and make the white shelves pop.

shelf styling in family roomPin

This beautiful smoky blue gray color was perfect. (Distance by Sherwin Williams)

Eventually, I took on our front room which is an open concept living and dining room.

I wanted the walls in here to have color and lighten up the space since this area doesn’t get a ton of natural light. The goal was a light blue without looking like a baby’s room and Beach Foam by Behr had just enough grey in it to make it not feel like a baby’s room, and not too much blue it it to make it look too purple.

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diy wooden floating shelvesPin

Then I drew a large scale hexagon pattern on the wall using a Sharpie marker. — A girl on a budget does what she has to right?

And that is it my friends! For the first four years I really only used three paint colors in my home.

Of course as we’ve lived here I’ve added to my whole home color palette to include more pops of color in my accessories and home decor.

You can see our complete color palette in this post.

So, I hope that answers your burning questions!

If you’re in the market for a perfect shade of greige for your own home, be sure to read up here on how to choose the right shade of greige.

Have a great week!

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