25 Painted Furniture Projects To Inspire

I recently scored a great little side table I plan to paint for only 5 bucks and I can not wait to get started on it and another piece of furniture that I recently dug out from under my “project pile” in the garage. Yes, I have a pile so I guess it is time to start painting furniture again so my goal of being able to park in my garage could be a reality.

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The even more exciting part is that I recently got Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer and so now I’m so excited to get started. I just need a day to make it happen and well, summer is sorta kicking my booty with fun and besties coming to visit, so there hasn’t been as much time to dive into big projects.

I thought to really get my creative juices flowing I’d do a little homework and gather inspiration.

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25 Painted Furniture IdeasPin

I used to redo furniture a lot, but haven’t in a long time and there are just so many options when it comes to redoing an old piece of furniture. As you can see I’m sorta drawn to clean lines and pops of color when it comes to furniture makeovers. Let’s get a closer look… shall we?

This first one is an IKEA dresser! Can you believe that? How awesome is the painted detail that was added? I really love that there is still a lot of wood visible, but a ton of fun too!

scallop painted detail on IKEA dresserPin

I’m pretty sure this is an IKEA dresser too but with an ombre paint job that is to die for! This whole room is so stinkin’ cute. The fading of the color from one drawer to the next would be a super easy way to get the ombre look without having to worry about blending at all.

This dresser was redone by my friend Katie at Upcycled Treasures. It was really ugly before, but with this deep blue paint and those amazing copper pulls that she added it is stunning!

I'm loving the pastel trend and this minty color is one of my favorite Pinterest finds, especially in this dull finish that is so popular right now. And that stool with dipped legs is just too cute!

dipped leg painted stoolPin

This green dresser has been one of my favorites on my Pinterest board for some time. If you're a regular around here you know I love this shade of green cause I used it throughout my outdoor living room, but it is the gold hardware that they added that just puts it into a whole other category!

green campaign dresser makeoverPin

What a way to redo a mid century modern piece of furniture. I see these on Craigslist all the time and usually pass them up, but I won't be doing that anymore! The two tone is done to perfection!

mid centry tall boy makeoverPin

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I love this bar stool redo for its simplicity. We've all had bar stools like this at one time or another but adding that small pop of color just around the rim is genius isn't it?

easy counter stool makeoverPin

I have to say, I love chairs. I would pretty much buy every lonely chair if the hubs would let me. And painting unmatched chairs all the same color makes them go together without really going together which I love too. Watch out Craigslist! I'm on the hunt for lonely chairs now!

I love me a coral painted dresser and this one is so pretty! Again the gold hardware is the perfect addition. I think I'm going to need to convince my lil' lady that coral should be in her big girl room.

I'm well aware that this dresser is painted white but I had to include it because I just love it. White, crisp, furniture is one of my favorite things.

DIY thrifted and painted campaign dresserPin

Another reason to not pass up lonely chairs ever again. When you already have one, you can just paint a different one to go with it like Ingrid at Wood Wool Stool!

orange painted chairsPin

This dresser makeover would be so perfect for a kid's room! I love that it is fun and still super sophisticated.

pink and orange dresser for girls roomPin

This color was really popular a bit ago and I still love it. I think just as important as the color is the finish. This yellow dresser in a gray room has a barely sheen to it.

bright yellow dresserPin

I think I've seen this exact side table at garage sales and the shape and original color of it always make me pass it by. But look at it when it is painted a beautiful shade of mint! It brings it into modern day! Love it!

mint painted night standsPin

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How fun is this side chair makeover? I love the bright color with the neutral fabric. Again… lonely chairs beware!

vintage chair makeoverPin

Ok so clearly I'm going to need to set aside some time to paint something mint and something coral because I just seem to be drawn to these two colors over and over again.

Now take my new fave color mint and put it on a mid century dresser and I can't resist.

painted dresser mint and whitePin

Now this vintage side table redo I have to try! Check out that pop of fun when you open the drawer. It's details like these that make painted furniture projects so much fun.

painted pattern inside drawerPin

More coral but this time the idea of dipped legs is reversed. They left the legs natural on this entry table and painted the rest. My head is officially swirling with ideas! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight.

natural dipped wood leg tablePin

This dresser didn't even have legs when it was rescued. And now it looks like a million bucks!

coral dresserPin

Game Changer! Check out the pattern on the drawers of this beautiful side table. I'm going to need a few more pieces of furniture so I can try all these ideas out for myself.

ikat painted dresserPin

Love me some night stand stripes and the pop of color on the hardware is so much fun, not to mention they go with the theme of the boys room.

stripped dresserPin

Again two of my favorite things. Mid century furniture makeover in two tone.

And last but certainly not least is this bright yellow armoire that was one of the first things I ever pinned when I joined Pinterest. I love it!

vintage china cabinet makeoverPin

I hope you had fun today on my inspiration journey. Lots of people ask me where I get inspiration and the answer really is every where I go, but the internet can be a great source of inspiration.

If you have a project in mind or a DIY that you want to try, start a Pinterest board and start collecting ideas so that you can mix and match them to come up with something that is uniquely you.

I can’t wait to get started painting furniture with my new paint sprayer, so stay tuned in the next few weeks to see the results.

And in the meantime get some tips on how to find great stuff on Craigslist!

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