Sherwin Williams Pure White Paint Color Review

If you love the fresh look of white paint but feel overwhelmed by too many choices, let's narrow it down and focus on just one: Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005.

White is a timeless paint choice that will never go out of style, and Sherwin Williams Pure White is a shade that homeowners and designers turn to again and again for walls, ceilings, doors and trim. Light and bright, airy and clean, Pure White lends an organic modern style feel to any room.

Read on and find out what this amazing versatile paint color can do for your home.

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What Color Is Pure White By Sherwin Williams?

Pure White is a bright white which brings an air of freshness to any room. It's known for being extremely easy to coordinate with pretty much any color or style from traditional to contemporary and even rustic.

Pure White Sherwin Williams undertones

Undertones can be a spoiler even for whites and tough to spot until the paint is on your walls... yikes.

With Pure White (SW 7005) you don't have to worry about unpleasant paint surprises. Sherwin-Williams Pure White partly owes its popularity to the lack of tricky or glaring undertones. If pushed, it admits to a drop of yellow and a hint of black in a very neutral base, which save it from appearing too stark.

Never be fooled by sneaky undertones again! Know the trick to spotting them fast in neutral paint colors.

Is SW Pure White warm or cool?

Again, Sherwin William Pure White is blissfully neutral, neither warm nor cool, but perhaps with a smidgen of warmth due to that drop of yellow undertone.

Sherwin Williams Pure White LRV

If you've found my other Sherwin Williams white paint series posts, you'll remember that LRV (light reflective value) is a scale to tell how light or dark a color is. The scale goes from 1 (blackest black) to 100 (true white).

Pure White Sherwin Williams LRV is 84.

If the room is south facing with warm natural light streaming in, Pure White's warmth will be accentuated ever so slightly. In north facing rooms, it will still look light and bright and will cheer up even small rooms with no windows.

Is Sherwin Williams Pure White too white?

Not at all. Pure White is a soft true white that's never too pushy or glaring. But if you're after a warmer, creamier white for your walls, Alabaster or Greek Villa might be just the ticket.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Room Examples

The beauty of Pure White Sherwin Williams white is that it's happy no matter where you use it. Interior and exterior, walls and trim, cabinets and doors... if you love the look and feel of a spacious, airy environment, Pure White is a wonderful choice.

If you prefer more sophistication and mood, consider investigating popular colors in the Sherwin Williams greige paint range instead.

Sherwin Williams Pure White exterior

Chelsee from House of Hood says she fell in love with Pure White's lack of undertones after seeing it on a model home and decided then and there to incorporate it into their new modern farmhouse. The pop of black for trim and doors (Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams 6258) adds the perfect dramatic flair.

If the beachy vibe is more your style, Pure White captures it perfectly in this Florida home with a backyard pool that says summer all year long.

Pure White Sherwin Williams walls

Many people love a canvas of white as a backdrop for their home decor. Both homeowners here chose Pure White for their walls and followed through with it on the trim too.

Pro Tip: When using the same shade for walls and trim, change the sheen to give it some dimension. For example, use flat or eggshell Pure White on walls and satin or semi-gloss Pure White on trim.

If you ever dismissed white as boring, think again. Pure White looks absolutely stunning on this ceiling, and the walls act as a beautiful backdrop for the cabinet built-ins (Smoky Candle Sherwin Williams 8633).

Chelsey shows off her favorite all time white paint color - Pure White - which she used throughout her entire home including ceiling, walls, shiplap, cabinets, fireplace and trim! Regardless of the lighting, she said Pure White always looks great!

Sherwin Williams Pure White kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets with gold hardware is a favorite combo and this kitchen knocks it out of the park. So clean and classy, and that rich deep blue island adds the punch (Anchors Away Sherwin Williams 9179).

(Photo shared from Instagram @michelleborgesi).

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Sherwin Williams Pure White cabinets

These bathroom cabinets and office built-ins also rock the gold hardware adornment. Pure White provides the perfect accompaniment for the luxe look.

Sherwin Williams Pure White trim

Pure White is the ultimate white trim color and Sherwin William's most popular white for trim. Stop and soak in the interior details of this elegant entry designed by Emily Henderson. The Pure White moulding, the door, the board and batten walls... triple wow! Notice the subtle offset wall color (Oyster White Sherwin Williams 7637).

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Does Pure White Sherwin Williams work for exterior trim?

That's a firm yes.

This front porch has plenty of farmhouse appeal and invites us to just sit a while and chat with friends.

And a crispy coat of Pure White trim perked up this row brick home and turned it into the star of the block!

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Credit: Gracious Home Interiors (via Instagram)
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Credit: Innovative Quarters (via Instagram)

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Sherwin Williams Pure White VS Other White Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Pure White

With an LRV of 83, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams and Pure White are kissing cousins on the light reflective scale.

Snowbound can be a touch trickier with its slightly taupe undertones. Pure White is more predictably white due to a very neutral base and thus the more popular of the two. However, there isn't enough contrast between them to use together in the same room.

Sherwin Williams Pure White vs Extra White

Extra White SW 7006 has an LRV of 86 so it sits close to Pure White on the scale, but it has a bluish undertone. That dab of blue places it into the cool category so it's not as creamy as Pure White. Like Sherwin Williams Snowbound, you wouldn't want to pair these two together in the same room because they're too close.

If you're torn between these various shades for doors, cabinetry and trim, remember that you can sample paint colors easily in your space before you commit.

Sherwin Williams Pure White vs Alabaster

SW Pure White has an LRV of 84, similar to Sherwin Williams Alabaster which has an LRV of 82. Both are true whites, rather than off-whites (off-whites dip below an LRV of 80).

Alabaster has stronger yellow and beige undertones which give it a cozy feel. Many people opt for warm Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls with Pure White trim adding a beautiful layer of crispness.

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White vs Pure White

With an LRV of 93, Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is the heaviest hitter in the true white category. High Reflective White has a touch of bluish undertone which makes it a cool white paint color, and it can look too stark for walls.

Due to the tiny drops of yellow and black, Pure White is a softer white than High Reflective. Both paints are go-to shades for cabinetry and trim. If you love a high contrast pop of white, High Reflective is the better choice.

Making a paint choice can be hard and it's really easy to get lost in all the choices; I recommend getting a sample of SW Pure White paint to see how it will look with your lighting conditions and decor to take the guesswork out of your decision.

The Best Way To Test Paint Colors On Your Walls

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SW Pure White Coordinating Colors

Pure White is an awesome paint option that can be paired with almost anything and look fabulous. Pair it with deep grays and blacks for high-energy contrast.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

A lot of factors go into selecting colors for your home, and it goes way beyond paint color.

Things like your home color palette, existing colors in your home (that you may not be able to change), and the color of the natural light, or lack of natural light can change the way a color shows up in your home.

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