Sherwin Williams Greek Villa Paint Color Review

Let's get real... It's downright hard to find the right off-white paint color. But when you're investing time and money, paint is not something you want to get wrong.

White is timeless interior paint choice because it provides a neutral backdrop for just about any color palette. Still, many people shy away from white paint because they fear it will look too cold, stark or boring.

But let me tell you, Greek Villa Sherwin Williams is the opposite of boring. It's just creamy enough to be an amazing backdrop for your decor.

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Sherwin Williams Greek Villa stands out among off-white paint colors not only because its very name evokes a honeymoon destination. Read on to see how this gentle, airy shade of white can brighten up your home and then decide if it's the right white for you.

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What Color Is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa?

Greek Villa paint color is a soft and creamy white paint color that works well in a variety of situations.

Is Greek Villa Sherwin Williams warm or cool?

Greek Villa paint is warm due to its slight yellow undertones. It's just enough to notice, but not to feel overpowering.

What are Sherwin Williams Greek Villa undertones?

Like many of its off-white relatives, Greek Villa Sherwin Williams undertones can read mildly beige or yellow.

If you have a north-facing room, Greek Villa's sunny warmth will bring it to life and balance out the cool natural light.

In a south facing room with a lot of light exposure, the paint color Greek Villa can look too white or washed out.

Is Greek Villa paint yellow?

It's possible that Greek Villa white paint may have a yellow tinge depending on the lighting and other room decor elements. Whether that's positive or not depends solely on your preferences and what you are wanting to achieve with your color scheme choices.

I can, however, say that Greek Villa is definitely not too stark or bright.

What is the LRV of SW Greek Villa?

Light plays an important role so when you're choosing a white paint you really have to consider the direction the room faces in relation to the windows and whether the primary source of light is natural or artificial.

The LRV of Greek Villa is 84 which means that it reflects light rather than absorbs it. (For reference, the LRV of Sherwin William's brightest white, High Reflective White, is 93.)

Examples Of Rooms Painted In Greek Villa Paint Color

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Greek Villa Sherwin Williams interior entryway

Greek Villa's beige-y undertone looks beautiful with the warm wood tones on this entry door and flooring because its warm undertones enhance the warmth of the wood while still brightening the space.

Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa living room

The design team at The Identite Collective chose Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams for the entire house including the trim as a clean and modern base for layering multiple design elements and lots of texture in this rustic contemporary home.

Greek Villa white in a sunroom

Clark + Aldine added character and charm to this relaxing sunroom by painting the ceiling and trim a dark gray to contrast with the SW Greek Villa walls. The contrast of the gray with this off-white downplays the warm undertones while maintaining a warm feel.

sherwin-williams greek villa living roomPin

Greek Villa white paint on an outdated fireplace

A fresh coat of Greek Villa paint on an outdated brownish fireplace provided a quick but effective facelift.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams bathroom

This high contrast bathroom features gold fixtures with black cabinets and boasts Greek Villa walls for a stunning contemporary look. The creaminess of the paint color softens the dark color palette.

White Greek Villa bedroom

MHM Professional Staging often uses Greek Villa white paint when staging homes for a welcoming, comfortable feel that invites buyers inside to linger and relax. On these bedroom walls Greek Villa leans into its cool side, making it an elegant backdrop for the rich navy accents and cool metal accents.

Greek Villa cabinets

If you're looking to give your cabinetry a fresh feel without the brightness of a pure white, Greek Villa could be the ticket especially when mixing warm and cool tones within a space.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams bathroom vanity

SW Greek Villa looks amazing on this bathroom vanity and walls with a smooth seamless look. Mixed metals (black matte hardware and gold light fixture) help round out the modern style.

greek villa sherwin williams bathroomPin
Source: Home Bunch

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa kitchen cabinets

This kitchen paired Greek Villa cabinets and gold hardware with another warm white - Neutral Grounds SW 7568. The result is an updated traditional yet cozy and light-filled space.


Built-Ins painted in Greek Villa white

The role played by light and angles is evident when looking at the painted built in photos below. These built ins frame a window and by changing the viewing angle, Greek Villa's undertones shift to read cooler and grayer on one side while the other leans warm and beige.

A drop off zone featured on Home Bunch has design elements that come together beautifully. A warm wood backdrop + black shelving + Sherwin Williams Greek Villa cabinets along with touches of gold metal = big style!

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams cabinetsPin

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint

Greek Villa looks particularly nice on exteriors in coastal regions or with a modern farmhouse style.

However in really bright and sunny climates or snowy conditions, Greek Villa exterior paint can come off looking somewhat washed out.


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SW Greek Villa vs Other White Paint Colors

The off-white family has a lot of options each with their own unique characteristics so it's important to know how to choose the right white paint.

Let's narrow down the comparison to a few of the most popular white paint colors.

Greek Villa vs Alabaster

When it comes to warmth, Greek Villa and Alabaster SW 7008 are pretty tough to distinguish. Neither color is a true white and you definitely wouldn't want to pair them for walls and trim with the expectation of getting a strong color contrast.

Since Alabaster has a fraction of gray undertone, when you're deciding between Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs Alabaster, you're safer with it than Greek Villa if you want to avoid walls that look yellow.

Greek Villa vs Pure White

Many people think Greek Villa walls with SW 7005 Pure White trim is a match made in heaven. Greek Villa has just enough saturation to provide soothing contrast to Pure White, which showcases Greek Villa's warmth.

Dover White vs Greek Villa

Dover White SW 6385 has a much stronger hue and warmer amber (red) undertone than Greek Villa, which sends it into the very light beige category. Neither color is the most popular for trim, and if you prefer a cooler white for walls, choose Sherwin Williams Greek Villa.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs Extra White

Like its neighbor Pure White, Extra White SW 7006 is a great choice for a trim, door and cabinet color. It's a brighter and crisper white than Pure White and would give a lovely contrast when paired with Greek Villa walls.

The best way to avoid a painting mistake is to get color samples for your home so you can test drive a color before making a decision. I recommend getting a sample of SW Greek Villa paint to see how it will look with your lighting conditions and decor to take the guesswork out of your decision.

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Greek Villa Coordinating Colors

What colors go with Greek Villa white Sherwin Williams? Short answer: pretty much everything. Greek Villa has a reputation for being easy to decorate with regardless of what other colors are in the room.

As a neutral, Greek Villa enjoys being around other warm neutral whites, browns, beiges, or grays.

For gorgeous contrast try pairing it with Illusive Green SW 9164 or In The Navy SW 9178.

For trim color, many designers simply choose Greek Villa in a glossier sheen.

coordingating colors with greek villaPin

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

A lot of factors go into selecting colors for your home, and it goes way beyond paint color.

Things like your home color palette, existing colors in your home (that you may not be able to change), and the color of the natural light, or lack of natural light can change the way a color shows up in your home.

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