Valentine’s Day

diy glitter heart paper straws for Valentine's Day

Simple Touch to Make Valentine’s Day Special- Glitter Heart Paper Straws

I’m one lucky lady! I have not just one, but three loves of my life! Don’t worry, I’m not stepping out on the hubs. Quite the opposite in fact! My favorite…

Kid Crafted Valentines

Kid Crafted Valentines and Valentine’s Day Inspiration Hop

Today’s post is big! You are going to get a ton of Valentine’s Day Inspiration from 14 different bloggers! Whaaaaat? Did you make your own valentines as a kid? Or…

Valentine Door Decoration

Valentine’s Front Door Decor

I’m not one to go all out on the Valentine’s Day Decorations, but since having kids it is fun to do a little something around a holiday. I’ve been on…

Free Printable Valentines

25 Free Printable Valentines {for your kids to hand out}

  With Valentine’s day coming up I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Free Printable Valentines from some very talented bloggers and designers. I can’t…

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