5 Easy Patio Privacy Ideas

Spring is here and you're ready to level up your patio privacy so your family can enjoy barbecue season without prying eyes from neighbors.

I've got you covered with these fresh patio privacy ideas that are simple to do and will have you ready for your perfect outdoor BBQ get-together in no time. So go get your coffee and join me out on the deck.

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Patio Privacy Screens

All the screens I'm sharing in this post are budget-friendly DIYs, but if you prefer, you can always buy pre-made privacy panels in a variety of materials, types and aesthetics.

First up are two types of privacy screens that work if you're going to be in your home for a while and want something permanent. I love the look of wood and Jennifer from City Farmhouse nails it (no pun intended) with this DIY modern wood slatted outdoor screen.

Wood slats spaced apart provide a really cool mix of privacy and visibility, along with a sense of separation that divides the space from the rest of the backyard.

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This pergola by Lauren at Pinch Plate Party is another example of using wood slats to create a sense of separation while retaining a degree of visibility (you want to be able to see whether your dog got into the hamburgers, right?)

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Balcony privacy screens

Balconies can be tricky because often renters are restricted from making any permanent changes to achieve more privacy. Enter the versatile lattice trellis, which can be freestanding, moveable, and easily installed without drilling nails.

Simply place a trellis behind a sturdy outdoor bench to add extra height to a low balcony wall. And when it's time to move, just pick it up and move it with you. Easy-peasy.

Tip: choose a lattice made from wood treated for outdoor use or, for greater longevity, consider a metal lattice.

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Source: Balcony Boss

Patio Privacy Fence

Sarah at Dreaming of Homemaking had me the moment I read that building this patio privacy screen was "easy". Because I'm down with anything that makes my home look amazing in the easiest way possible. 🙂

This privacy screen built with wooden slats makes this outdoor living room a super place to hang out with friends and family. The slats are attached with brad nails to the posts which are anchored into the ground with cement. Add a string of lights for a romantic nighttime glow.

Outdoor Privacy Curtains

I was able to make outdoor patio curtains using drop cloths and a little creativity. Drop cloth curtains are definitely a super budget friendly solution for outdoor porch curtains - I spent less than $10 per panel!

Not only do they act as outdoor privacy curtains and provide shade when sitting on our patio in the evening, but they add a ton of color and softness to the space as well.

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Patio Privacy Shades

Bamboo reed fencing rolls are a popular option and were the choice by The Navage Patch for their DIY Patio Privacy Screen. This type of screen gets high marks for ease of installation and is a great choice for backyard areas like decks, pergolas and patios, as well as apartment balconies.

Reed shades can be attached to wood posts, chain link fencing or poles. Be sure to research how you plan to use it so that you choose a secure attaching method that will hold up in the elements.

Plants For Privacy

Using plants for patio privacy is an easy-on-the-budget alternative to building a fence, and the extra greenery infuses beauty into your landscape.

Choose fast-growing plants that thrive in your climate and planting zone. Evergreens like juniper and cypress, for example, are ideal for creating privacy because they look great all year round, are hardy, and tolerate sun and shade.

You can use large pots to create a decorative hedge like these potted bamboo plants shown in The Garden Glove. Outdoors pots come in a ton of sizes, textures and shapes and can even be self-watering and have wheels for easy mobility. Another option is a planter box/privacy screen combo, like this DIY privacy planter built by Zoe at Pine and Poplar.

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