Fall Pillows Guide + 3 Fool Proof Pillow Combinations

I'll be the first to admit that I don't go all out with fall decorating in the way we usually think about it with crafty diy fall decor. Instead I like to switch up or add a few key home decor elements to highlight my favorite parts of the season... coziness, calm, gratitude, and time with family.

I'm telling you it doesn't take much to change up your space for fall and give it a fresh and inviting feel.

Fall pillows are the perfect way to start so I rounded up a ton of decorative fall pillows and came up with 3 fool proof toss pillow combinations so you can go from idea to fall ready quickly.

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How To Select A Color Palette For Your Fall Pillows

The color of your pillows is really important because most often it's what ties the different pillows you select together...

...but how do you decide on a color palette for fall? - Great question!

A really easy way to change up your color palette for fall is to take the existing colors in your home and go a little bit darker or muted.

For example if you have a lot of light gray in your home, you may choose to add some charcoal gray. Or if you have some robin's egg blue (which is a sophisticated bright blue) you may choose to go with a slightly darker shade of blue with a bit more gray in it to give it a deeper hue.

Basically you take the brighter colors in your home and warm them up a bit for this cozy season. Small additions of these darker shades of your existing colors will give your space a cozy fall feel while keeping your color palette cohesive without permanent decisions or breaking the bank. - That's the key to seasonal decor.

3 Easy Fall Throw Pillow Combinations

Mixing fabrics is one of the best ways to add interest to your space and set the tone for how you want your space to feel. Certainly different fabric patterns and textures shwocase your personal decorating style but knowing how to mix and match toss pillows doesn't always come easy.

I've got you covered. I'll show you three go to toss pillow combinations perfect for fall. Simply select a combo you like, select a pillow from each category, and voila!

Fall Throw Pillow Combo #1: Plaid + Small Scale Print + Graphic

To achieve this look you'll select a plaid throw pillow, then pull one color from the plaid fabric and select a small scale print, and finally add a graphic fall pillow. In this case changing up the size of the pillows and using a themed fall lumbar pillow works perfectly.

Fall Throw Pillow Combo #2: Plaid + Solid + Print

For this look you'll still start by selecting the plaid pillow cover first. Then you'll select a solid pillow cover - pulling the color from the plaid that you want to highlight - and finally add one more pillow with a print or graphic, again keeping the color palette in mind.

Pro tip: select a solid pillow cover that has something interesting about it like button detail, texture, or unique stitching.

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Fall Throw Pillow Combo #3: Stripe + Texture + Text

I'm a huge fan of stripes. They are timeless and you can easily find striped pillows to go with any decorating style from traditional all the way to super modern.

To achieve this look you'll start by selecting your striped pillow first. Then select a pillow with some texture that pulls a color from your striped pillow, and finally add in a fun fall pillow or fall pillow cover with some text specific to the season.

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Different Styles Of Fall Throw Pillows

Creating a pillow combination that fits your personality and the feeling you want to create in a space is now just a matter of selecting a few pillow styles and going for it.

Granted there are more styles of toss pillows than these, but these styles lend themselves to fall decorating really well and I'm a big believer in narrowing your choices to reduce overwhelm.

*Each of the pillows you see below are $15 or less. Most come in a variety of colors so if you see one you like, click on it and you’ll see the different colors available to create your perfect pillow combo.

*Many of the pillows listed come as fall pillow covers so you can easily use your existing pillows as inserts. (You’ll want to measure because most have the option for fall pillow covers 20 x 20 inches or fall pillow covers 18 x 18 inches.)

*To see options for each decorative fall pillow, simply click the image.

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Plaid pillows for fall

Nothing says cozy (and gives you the opportunity to use a lot of different colors) than plaid. Plaid pillows are a timeless way to bring in a fabric pattern very typical of the season and I love that you can find fall plaid pillows to fit literally any fall color palette: warm, cool, or neutral.

If you decide you want to include a plaid throw pillow, it's best to select it first. From there you'll choose a color from the plaid pattern that you'll highlight with the next pillows you select.

Fall decorative pillows with stripes

Striped pillows are another timeless fabric pattern that adds interest and gives you a lot of opportunity for as much color as you want. Even the thinest pin stripe can add style and character, or you can go bold for a more focal point pillow.

Graphic fall pillows

When it comes to choosing a grapic pillow for fall some of my favorites are hello fall pillows, fall pumpkin pillows, or pillows with text that go with the season.

Favorite Fall Prints

There's no limit to what you can find when it comes to printed pillows but when selecting pillow covers specific to fall decorating, think about things related to fall like leaves, pumpkins, acorns, or wood, and find prints that give a nod to them.

Fall leaf pillows

It's no secret that fall leaves are a go-to for fall decorating. But in an effort to not get too hung up on a theme, I urge you to think a little bit outside the box when adding a fall leaf pillow to your fall decor. Instead of traditional fall leaves in traditional fall colors, go with different types of leaves in muted rich colors that go with your color scheme for a more updated fall look.

Textured throw pillows

When we think of fall, we automatically think of sweaters, soft fabrics, and rich tones. Those same textures are a great way to add those fall vibes to your decor and give a nod to the season.

Here I've included chunky knit throw pillows, velvet pillows, faux leather toss pillows, and woven textures.

Solids with interesting details

Solid decorative pillows are easy to find, but I challenge you to stretch your style just a bit and find solid pillows with an interesting detail to elevate the look of your space. This could be a slight texture, buttons, or interesting stitching. These details are often not noticable until you're up close and act as a fun and unexpected design element.

Fall Outdoor Pillows

We can't ignore your outdoor space in the fall! Fall outdoor pillows are a perfect way to add a bit of inviting fall decor to your porch or your back patio.

I will say that basic (and a little tacky) outdoor fall pillows are easy to find, but if you dig you can keep even your outdoor decor away from basic and lean into a more timeless and elevated look.

Fianal Thoughts On Fall Pillows For Your Couch

Switching out just a few things around your home to decorate for fall is the key to keeping your seasonal decor simple while still changing things up.

Having fall pillows specifc to the season is the perfect way to change up your decor and put a smile on your face but in a subtle and functional way.

I can't wait to see which pillow combinations you come up with!

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