8 Easy Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

Wrapping paper can be a bit of a challenge to keep organized, so I've rounded up some favorite creative solutions that will keep your Christmas clutter free and make your gift wrapping process for any occasion a breeze all year long.

In this post we'll share clever and easy ways to store your wrapping paper so you can say good bye to tangled ribbons and crumpled paper. From repurposing household items to utilizing wall and door space, I've got the storage solutions for your gift wrap that are both functional and stress-free.

Let's dive in to these clever ideas for wrapping paper storage.

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Vertical Wrapping Paper Storage

Going vertical is a game changer. It not only saves valuable space but also makes it easier to access and organize your rolls.

Upright wrapping paper storage containers

One clever idea is to repurpose a round bin or basket that you already have on hand to hold your wrapping paper upright like Abby in Just a Girl and Her Blog. By standing the rolls vertically, you can easily see and grab the one you need without rummaging through a pile.

If you prefer to keep the rolls out of sight, you can choose a tall slender container with a lid for longer term vertical wrapping paper storage.

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Wrapping paper storage cart

A wrapping paper storage cart is the answer if you need to roll it from room to room. It's got tons of room for storage containers so you can keep all your wrapping supplies separated and organized.

Lela Burris repurposed a 3 tier cart she already had and designated each tier for different categories (scissors, tape, bows, etc). Christine from Where The Smiles Are even added labels to her DIY gift wrapping cart to make things super-easy to find.

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Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage

Another neat and tidy way to keep your rolls in pristine condition is hanging wrapping paper storage. It keeps your rolls from hogging floor space and holds them securely in one place so they don't unroll or get damaged.

Rachel Hollis says she simply gathered up all her wrapping paper rolls and placed them inside a clear garment bag, then hung it in her hall closet with her linens.

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Over the door wrapping paper storage

Over the door wrapping paper storage organizers often feature multiple compartments to hold rolls, ribbons and other supplies. They hang easily over the back of a door, keeping everything within reach.

Another great example of repurposing is this revamped shoe storage hanger featured on HGTV Lifestyle Blog. Just slice open the bottom of each compartment - except the very last bottom - creating a long tube that you just slide your paper through to keep it dust free and accessible.

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Wrapping Paper Wall Storage

For a more dedicated wrapping solution, look for space on an interior door (a closet is a good choice) or an expanse of wall in an office or craft room where you can mount storage.

Wire storage baskets in varying sizes are easy to hang and keep the contents organized and visible, like these behind the door gift wrap solutions.

Wrapping paper wall storage solutions come in the form of racks, shelves, or even pegboards designed specifically for wrapping paper and accessories and ensure that the paper rolls ends never get squashed. Diane from In My Own Style walks you through the steps to make your own DIY wrapping paper storage in no time ...or you can buy one already made.

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Under The Bed Wrapping Paper Storage

One clever and discreet way to store your wrapping paper is by utilizing the often overlooked space under your bed. There are various storage containers specifically designed to fit under most beds, with compartments or dividers to keep your rolls neatly in place.

You can assemble one yourself by fitting smaller containers inside a larger one, like this one by Allie from The White Apartment, or choose to buy under bed wrapping paper storage ready made. Whichever you choose, under the bed storage not only protects your wrapping paper but gives you quick access whenever you need it.

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Wrapping Paper And Gift Bag Storage

Finding good wrapping paper and gift bag storage can be tricky. Because gift bags are often reused, they tend to quickly accumulate and create clutter if they aren't properly stored. Gift bags are bulkier and come in lots more different shapes and sizes than standard wrapping paper rolls so they need to be folded up and placed flat for storing.

Megan over at The Homes I Have Made fits her gift bags inside an interior vinyl pocket in a large wrapping paper tote bag with a handle so it can easily be carried around the house to wherever it's needed. These sturdy totes are great for families because they hold a vast array of wrapping supplies, and the clear interior vinyl makes it easy to quickly locate what you want.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage

A few years ago I took steps to totally revamp our messy and disorganized under stairs storage room, and one of the things I wanted was Christmas wrapping paper storage, including gift bags and ribbon.

I saw a lot of storage for wrapping paper ideas, but in the end I wanted to keep it simple and use items I already had to make this shelf function.

First I attached plastic bag holders to hold my rolls of wrapping paper. Next I used a large plastic bin to stack my gift bags and tissue paper in (I had one on hand but this Sterilite wrapping paper storage bin is similar.)

Now when I need to grab a gift bag I just pull this bin out like a drawer and grab what I need. - How's that for an uncomplicated storage solution?

For wrapping paper storage containers that give off the Christmas vibes, you can either choose clear vinyl so all that beautiful festive paper shows through, or pick a Christmasy container with red and green colors or a buffalo plaid. That way you can leave it out when gift wrapping season is at its peak and it will add a touch of holiday cheer to your space.

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