Sherwin Williams Sea Salt – A Beautiful Neutral Green Paint Color

Who knew that green paint color can qualify as a neutral? Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color definitely qualifies as a neutral.

That's right, green is the new neutral. But not all shades qualify; bold or vibrant greens like lime green or emerald green that draw attention are still best used on accent walls or other focal point areas.

But if you want a subtle green paint color that blends seamlessly with other colors, a muted or desaturated green can function as a neutral because it doesn't draw too much attention to itself. Let me introduce you to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204, a soft and serene green that's an example of how a neutral green paint color can pull you away from the norm without the fear of going too bold.

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What Color Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204 is a calming neutral that is often described as a soft, muted greenish-blue with a coastal vibe. Unless you are going all in for a beach day theme, SW Sea Salt is best used in small areas like a bathroom when you want a wash of color for a bright and airy feel.

Is SW Sea Salt warm or cool?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a cool paint color.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt undertones

Sea Salt SW is one of those chameleon green colors that shift and bend throughout the day depending on the natural and artificial light in your space. Although Sea Salt generally appears more green than blue, it also has gray undertones that come out to play.

If your room has less light or faces North, Sea Salt paint color may appear more blue or gray. More sunlight or a southern exposure will emphasize the green side.

Shifting undertones is one reason I highly recommend testing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on your walls to see how it looks in your own space and avoid costly painting mistakes.

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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt LRV

LRV (light reflective value) is a scale to tell how light or dark a color is. The scale goes from 1 (blackest black) to 100 (true white).

Sea Salt paint LRV is 64 which puts it on the lighter end of mid-range. It will reflect light even in a darker low-lit room, yet won’t look colorless unless the room is extremely bright.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Vs. Other Green Gray Paint Colors

Let's look at how Sea Salt Sherwin Williams stacks up when compared to other popular green gray paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed vs Sea Salt

Both SW Rainwashed and SW Sea Salt paint are cool toned neutrals and can bring a sense of relaxation to a room. Rainwashed is a bit more saturated and leans stronger toward blue, while Sea Salt has a more grayed-out appearance. Both shades have a organic natural feel, reminiscent of ocean and sea foam.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand vs Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is a muted gray color with subtle blue and green undertones. Sea Salt color paint is a lighter, brighter blend of the same colors but in different doses, with green being strongest, followed by blue and gray.

SW Silver Strand has a foggy, misty quality and is subdued enough to be used as the primary shade in a whole house color palette. SW Sea Salt exudes a fresh coastal vibe best suited to bathrooms and bedrooms or when you're going for a beach house vibe.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog vs Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is a much deeper, smoky version of green greige that feels cozier and warmer than SW Sea Salt paint and is more likely to be found as a statement shade on accent walls, cabinets, and exteriors. Sea Salt is the better choice in rooms with low or no lighting since Evergreen Fog may come off looking dark and cave-like.

At first glance these colors might appear to pair well together... but they don't. SW Sea Salt is happier with relaxing shades of white and gray (see the coordinating colors section below the room examples), while SW Evergreen Fog is best buddies with browns and golds.

Room Examples With Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Color Palette

Sea Salt Sherwin Williams bathroom

This lovely contemporary style bathroom designed by White Birch features Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on the walls; the black hardware and crisp white vanity contribute to the overall clean lines and serenely modern feel.

Sea Salt paint is also on these walls but in contrast, Courtney from Golden Boys & Me emphasized color and curvy lines in her master bathroom. The result is a vintage coastal style that looks homey and welcoming.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt bedroom

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint on these bedroom walls contributes to a sense of relaxation and escape from the stress of daily living. When picking out paint for her guest room, Courtney from Pizzazzerie choose calm and soothing SW Sea Salt because she loved how it added a little color without overwhelming the room.

Likewise, Chelsee from House of Hood created a light and airy bedroom refuge with Sea Salt featured on a board and batten accent wall behind the bed. The wall and trim color is Sherwin Williams Pure White, which goes perfectly with SW Sea Salt for that modern coastal style.

Sea Salt Sherwin Williams living room

Even though Sea Salt is a hit in bathrooms and bedrooms, don't discount it for your living spaces. I've got four examples of Sea Salt on living rooms walls for you and each one of them represents a different home decor style plus shows how this shifting shade reads a bit differently in each room.

Kim from Sand & Sisal describes her family room as a mix of chic coastal with rustic elements. The back of the bookcase builtins as well as behind the fireplace are painted with Sea Salt and the result is an incredibly beautiful muted green blue (the white trim and bookcase color is Extra White by Sherwin Williams).

Sea Salt leans into those gray undertones in this shabby chic den designed by Michaela Diane. Sea Salt's subtle green is perfect for creating a discreet and light shabby chic color palette.

This modern coastal home designed by Echelon Custom Homes is located on the beach front; SW Sea Salt is the perfect paint partner to bring the outside in. The bright open and airy great room with plenty of windows and natural light highlights Sea Salt's green side.

Again Sherwin Williams Sea Salt shows off its gray qualities in this mid-century modern living room that invites us to sit down and relax a while in a room described by designer Aimee Kick as calm, relaxed elegance.

Sea Salt Sherwin Williams dining room

This dining room is full of texture and chunky furniture which combine with Sea Salt on the walls to create a beautiful calming room you simply don't want to leave.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt exterior

Say yes to SW Sea Salt on exterior shutters and doors when you're looking for a charming subtle contrast with white siding or trim. Both these homes are traditional style which proves that Sea Salt can be versatile and comfortable in places besides the beach. This color is probably not best for your primary exterior shade, however, because it will look too washed out in bright sun.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Coordinating Colors

When it comes to coordinating colors with Sea Salt think white and gray, as well as light basket/wood tones for a relaxing spa-like color palette.

Pair with crisp whites and off-white for trim and ceiling colors. You can use either a true white color like SW Pure White, or an off-white color like SW Heron Plume. Sea Salt doesn’t look as good with creamy whites or browns.

For contrast, Sea Salt looks amazing with crisp black colors like SW Iron Ore, too.

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If you love the fluid changeability of water and sky, look no further than Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Sometimes green-blue, sometimes blue-gray, sometimes green-gray, this calm coastal color is definitely one to consider.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

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