Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive – A Fresh Choice For Your Home

If you're considering a color refresh with more visual interest than the usual grays, whites and beiges, gray green paint colors are proving to be a popular alternative.

Combining earthy greens with soothing grays into one muted green paint color draws inspiration from nature and brings it into your home.

One of the prettiest deep green gray colors is Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive 6209. Get ready to be inspired as we look at how this color can be used in your home.

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What Color Is SW Ripe Olive?

Ripe Olive Sherwin Williams is a deep, highly saturated green perfect for making a bold statement on accent walls and cabinetry. Ripe Olive takes its deep green inspiration from nature, and feels earthy and soothing rather than neon bright and jarring. This soothing quality make SW Ripe Olive paint a trendy yet timeless choice for nearly every room and even on the exterior.

Is Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive warm or cool?

SW Ripe Olive is a balance of warmth and coolness, making it a perfect neutral.

What are the undertones of SW Ripe Olive?

Beneath its predominately deep green appearance are hints of blue and gray undertones. Typically olive green paint color is associated with yellow undertones, but despite its name, Ripe Olive has no yellow at all.

SW 6209 Ripe Olive LRV

Don't look for this deep rich green to reflect much light. Ripe Olive's Light Reflective Value (LRV) is a very low 6, meaning as a medium dark paint it will absorb light rather than reflect it. (For reference, Sherwin Williams' darkest black, SW Tricorn Black, has an LRV of 3). In fact, in low light Ripe Olive paint color can look black.

If you're going to put Ripe Olive Sherwin-Williams on all the walls, pick a good sized room with plenty of sunlight all day long to emphasize that gorgeous green and keep it looking amazing.

Remember that paint can look drastically different on your walls than it does on a color swatch in the store. The best way to determine if Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive is right for your home is to test it first with these easy peel and stick paint samples.

The Best Way To Test Paint Colors On Your Walls

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Ripe Olive Sherwin-Williams Vs. Other Gray Green Paint Colors

Let's look at a few other top color picks from Sherwin-Williams and see how they compare side by side.

Ripe Olive vs Jasper

SW Jasper 6216 is a deeper and more foresty shade than Ripe Olive paint. Both colors have a quiet yet forceful presence in a room. Ripe Olive has a bit more gray which lightens it up enough to avoid looking black except in low light or small rooms. SW Jasper has black undertones, often looks frankly black, and is a very similar paint color to SW Greenblack.

Ripe Olive vs Rosemary

If Ripe Olive wades deeper into the dark side than what you prefer, consider SW Rosemary 6187. It's a warmer, pinier green than SW 6209 Ripe Olive and with an LRV of 14, it's well outside the black range of 3-10.

Ripe Olive vs Shade Grown

The biggest difference between Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive paint color and SW Shade Grown 6208 is undertone. Shade Grown brings brown shades to the party (think tree bark) while Ripe Olive sticks with gray (think fog). Both colors love to be paired with wood tones and look stunning on accent walls or cabinetry, so it really comes down to your personal preference and the other decor elements in the room.

Photos Of Homes With A Ripe Olive Color Palette

Let's take a look at this moody dark green paint in action and see how Ripe Olive paint could transform your home.

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive exterior

Mixing Ripe Olive with shades of plum and gold metal accents gives a rustic meets luxe vibe to this front door.

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Photo Source: Rejuvenation

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive cabinets

Ripe Olive kitchen cabinets and shiplap accent walls infuse gorgeous color into this kitchen and make the flooring and ceiling stand out. Wall color is Sherwin Williams Pure White. Designed by Midwest Eclectic.

Looking for ideas to update a builder grade bathroom? SW Ripe Olive cabinets rescued a run of the mill white bathroom and brought the entire room to life.

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Photo Source: House Homemade

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive accent wall

Nothing creates depth in a white walled bathroom like a Ripe Olive accent wall for a feeling of balance and crisp contrast.

A fireplace accent wall painted SW Ripe Olive takes center stage by warming up the surrounding neutrals and playing off the white fireplace tile.

Can’t get enough of accent walls? Satisfy your craving for more inspiration with Gorgeous Green Accent Walls and Shiplap Fireplace Ideas.

Pairing Ripe Olive paint color with pale tones is a no-fail recipe that mixes together to create comfort and relaxation. I just want to cozy up on that sofa and read a good book. Via Justine.

This two-toned shiplap pegboard wall created by Update My Cape provides the perfect backdrop for a plushy array of textiles and vintage decor items.

This expanse of Ripe Olive on a board and batten accent wall is broken up with the low-profile pine table top and matching white chairs. The file cabinet was painted to match by Imperfect Builder.

Ripe Olive Sherwin Williams walls

An understated modern office features Ripe Olive Sherwin Williams walls and shelving working together seamlessly with simple neutral furnishings for a streamlined look. The gold metal lighting and vase provide a touch of glam.

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Photo Source: Home Bunch

Cocoon yourself with Ripe Olive walls and deep natural wood tones for a rustic and cozy vibe perfect in this living room aptly named "The Green Room" by the homeowner.

...and Ripe Olive painted furniture

For a statement painted furniture piece, try painting an outdated dresser with SW Ripe Olive like this custom job by Eastern Shore Chic. Add gold hardware for a sophisticated meets rustic look.

Colors That Go With SW Ripe Olive

Dark green paint colors like Ripe Olive live happiest with neutral paints like those listed below as well as woody tones that help bring the outside in. Look for natural wood tones in the trim, builtins, cabinetry, and ceiling beams and brown leather furniture. Metallic accents of brass, gold and copper add sophistication and elegance.

  • SW 6203 Spare White
  • SW 7637 Oyster White
  • SW 9128 Green Onyx

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

A lot of factors go into selecting colors for your home, and it goes way beyond paint color.

Things like your home color palette, existing colors in your home (that you may not be able to change), and the color of the natural light, or lack of natural light can change the way a color shows up in your home.

In my self-paced online color course, Color Made Clear, I walk you through all the steps to choosing and using color in your home to create a pulled together and cohesive look, even if you have things like cabinet color or floors you can't change.