10 Easy Ladder Decor Ideas For Every Style And Season

There are so many ways to use your decor ladder to add both style and function to your space. Decorating with ladders isn't just about hanging blankets or quilts. Here you'll find ideas for blanket holders that display a variety of items, including how they can be used in different rooms and to display decor for different seasons.

The most common use for a decorative blanket ladder is to display blankets or quilts by folding the blankets and hanging them on the rungs of the ladder. This is a great way to add pattern and texture to your room and use vertical wall space, drawing your eye up. But ladder decor also can include hats and scarves, plants, hooks for keys and bags, and even stockings and garlands for Christmas.


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Stylish Blanket Ladder Decorating Ideas

Using ladders as decor gives you the opportunity to display items that enhance your decor style. Choosing the style of your decorative ladder is the first step. (You can even make your own DIY Blanket Ladder!)

The second step is choosing blanket ladder decor and there are so many possibilities here!

Looking to add a blanket ladder to your decor? I’ve rounded up decorative ladders to go with every decor style, and they’re all under $100!

1. Display folded blankets with texture and pattern

Most living room blanket ladders will have folded blankets on them because it makes them easy to grab and easy to put away.

For a modern look start with a gold ladder and add folded blankets in bold geometric patterns. Or create a cozy look with plaid blankets to add to your wooden ladder decor.

Switching out the weight, texture, or even pattern of the blankets depending on the season is an easy way to switch up your decor.

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Source: A Beautiful Mess
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Source: Angela Marie Made

2. Display special textiles or quilts as wall art

Displaying special blankets, textiles, or quilts is a great way to add softness to a space and add some sentimental wall art.

But you don't have to just lean a quilt ladder against a wall...

A small decorative ladder above a credenza can be hung from the wall or ceiling or leaned against the wall to create an interesting focal point.

And a blanket ladder turned horizontal and hung on the wall makes for a great way to display quilts at different heights.

3. Hang hats, scarves, and bags

Leaning a decorative wall ladder in an entry way with hooks makes for a great rack for hats, bags, scarves and even coats and makes them easy to grab on your way out the door.

To get the right look, select items that go with your decor style and the color scheme of your home.

If you often find clothes on the floor in your bedroom or closet, this would be a great addition to quickly toss clothes on to keep them off the floor, but still easy to find.

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Source: Pinterest

4. Stay organized with hanging baskets

A ladder with hanging baskets is a great way to use vertical storage. You can find wire baskets that allow you to see what's inside or you can find solid baskets or bins that will hide things better.

This would be a great idea for keeping knitting supplies handy in your living room, or even as a fruit and veggie display in the kitchen.

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Source: Wayfair

5. Hang a ladder on the wall or ceiling and use it to store pots and pans

Sometimes kitchen storage space is at a premium so why not give up some cabinet space and display your pots and pans on a ladder.

Hanging a ladder on the wall with hooks uses empty wall space and can act as kitchen art.

And creating a focal point above a kitchen island with a ladder and pots and pans hanging from it keeps the things you need within reach and adds some rustic or farmhouse style.

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Source: A Beautiful Mess
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Source: The Birchwood Blog

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6. Add shelves for extra bathroom storage

Wall ladders with some shelves are easy to find and can be a great way to add more storage to your bathroom space. Some even have both shelves and rungs so you can hang your bathroom towels to dry.

Using small containers with texture and adding a few plants is a great way to keep your bathroom organized and add some freshness to the space.

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Source: Apartment Therapy

7. Hang plants to add a natural element

Hanging plants on a ladder makes for a really cool and fun indoor garden and keeps your fresh herbs handy, but you could do this outside as well to add greenery to an otherwise blank wall.

And hanging a ladder from the ceiling with lush plants (and maybe some lighting) makes for a really unique focal point and can turn any window into a garden window.

Decorative Ladder Ideas For Each Season

One of the things I love about blanket ladder decor is how easy it is to change up from one season to the next. Doing so allows you to display items that add to the feeling of the season or have some meaning to you.

8. Style your blanket ladder for fall

Of course soft blankets with cozy textures like knits or faux furs and fun fall patterns like plaid are a great way decorate your blanket ladder for fall, but hanging a few items like baskets with pumpkins or tucking in some fall greenery add the finishing touch.

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Source: Worthing Court Blog
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Source: On Sutton Place

9. Add Christmas ladder decoration

No matter what your decorating style is, Christmas ladder decor is a must because it's a fun and unexpected way to add some coziness for the season.

You can use it as a stocking ladder (especially if you don't have a mantel) or add some traditional garland along with a Christmas blanket and some fun holiday decorations for a uniquely festive look.

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Source: Gray Oak Studio
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Source: Style and Dwell

10. Use your ladder as an advent calendar

I love the idea of using a ladder to count down the days until Christmas and create a fun family tradition. You can hang boxes with little surprises for each day, or even mini stockings with numbers on them. The ideas for this are limitless!

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Source: Rona

Easy Tips For How To Decorate A Blanket Ladder

  1. Lean the ladder against the wall or hang it securly. (If you're using a leaning blanket ladder in a nursery or a kid's space, you'll want to be sure it is secured to the wall.)
  2. Start with the largest item first and hang it ⅓ from the bottom of the ladder for a leaning ladder, and ⅓ from either side for a hanging (wider) ladder.
    • This could be a blanket that takes up the most visual space, a basket, or the largest pot or plant.
  3. If you have items beyond blankets, add your next largest item at about the middle of the ladder.
  4. Then fill in a few of the empty spaces with smaller items either on the rungs/ shelves or hanging off one of the side pieces of the ladder.

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