5 Personalized Wall Art Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

So you've got walls to decorate but beyond family photos what can you put on your walls that has meaning, tells your story, and makes your home feel like you?

It's one of those questions my Style Your Way Home students ask me all the time so I've brainstormed some unique wall art ideas that keep budget in mind while elevating your space.


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Pet Art

Our furry friends definitely have a special place in our hearts so why not showcase our love for them with custom pet portraits?

And no, I'm not talking about taking your furry friend to get its photo taken and hoping he or she sits still. There are so many artists that create fun art pieces from a photo you send in!

Here are some of my favorites:

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Custom pet art painting

I love how the brushstrokes in this painting make this wall art just cartoon like enough to be interesting without losing the personality of the dog.

This artist hand paints your dog on muslin paper and sends it to you. All you need to do is add a frame!

Simple sketch of your pet

How fun is this simple black and white sketch? It captures the dog's personality so well and would make a great addition to a gallery wall to change things up a bit!

This artists sends you the sketch via a JPEG file and you print it.

Pet pop art

This might be my favorite kind of pet art because it makes for really meaningful wall art but really stylish and fun at the same time.

In browsing the listings it looks like you have some say in how bright the colors will be and if you're looking for pet canvas art they'll create a custom listing for you and put it on canvas!

Watercolor pet canvas art

Isn't this beautiful? It's such a great way to take an ordinary photo and turn it into a beautiful and personalized piece of art for your home.

This artist uses a photo of your pet and digitally alters it to make it look like watercolor. Then they print it on 1.5 inch thick canvas and send it to you complete with hanging hardware ready to go.

Pet art is definitely on my list when I refresh my boy's room and I can just picture our Simon looking so good in any one of these!

Song Lyric Art

We all have songs that mean something to us. Our wedding song, a song you used to sing at the top of your lungs with your best friend, or a special song between you and your better half.

Turning song lyrics into wall art is such a cool way to add some of your story to your home.

song lyric wall artPin

Special song lyric art

I love this custom song lyric art because it's subtle and really modern. It's one of those pieces of art that will tell your story and draw someone closer.

Record song lyric art

I love this one for its handmade quality and that it adds some new shapes to typically square frames that end up on your wall with the circular design. Who doesn't love a nod to vinyl records?

The artist includes names on the piece as well!

Soundwave art from your song

These soundwaves of a song put into art are so incredibly cool. This simple wall art adds color, interest, and says something about you and your family.

There are many colors to choose from this artist.

City and State Wall Art

What better way to show your state or your city love than with some fun art?

There are a million ways to showcase your favorite places so this section could go on forever but here are some unique ones I love because they're fun and elegant and make for great personalized wall decor.

city wall artPin

City posters

Did you visit an amazing city at some point and want to remember it forever? A fun, slightly vintage poster like this one will add a lot of color and fun to your collection.

There are many more options to showcase your favorite city. I love to browse the photographs, posters, drawings, and paintings that depict my favorite cities on this site.

City map wall art

Again there are many sources for city maps that you can add to your wall art, but this one caught my eye because the foil makes it a bit more unexpected.

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Coordinates wall art

I love the idea of using coordinates as wall decor. The possibilities for this are endless! You could do the exact spot you got married, met your spouse, where your kids were born, or your first home.

There are a lot of options in terms of style when it comes to coordinates wall art too.

State wall art

I'm a California girl through and through so I definitely love a unique wall art that showcases my state.

This watercolor state silhouette is very unique and I love the colors.

Important Dates Wall Art

Another unique way to add meaning to your wall decor is with a simple important dates poster.

There are so many designs and styles to choose from, and many artists will add names, change fonts, and allow you to pick the colors as well.

important dates wall artPin

To get you started take a look at this one. I love the handwritten font used for the names.

And this one is unique because they let you pick the color of the background as well as for the wedding date.

Turn a photo into a painting

As you know I believe your home should reflect who you are and tell your story. Taking photos of your past homes and turning them into a watercolor for your wall decor is a perfect way to do that.

This artist takes a photo of your home and turns it into a watercolor print for you to frame.

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I hope these wall art ideas sparked some creative ways to add personalized wall art to your home. Any one of these would be a great addition to a gallery wall or on its own as a stand alone piece.

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