Where To Buy A Decorative Ladder For Blankets Under $100

Decorative ladders for blankets are still stylish and are a perfect way to decorate with function in mind. There are so many possibilities for blanket ladder decor. You can use them to display blankets, quilts, or even keep your towels within reach in the bathroom, while adding pattern, texture, and coziness to your decor.

Years ago I made my own DIY decorative wood ladder and in winter use it for our heavier blankets, and change the blanket ladder decor out to lighter and more colorful blankets in spring and summer. It's an easy way to keep the blankets organized and not wadded up on the sofa (or ending up on the ground).

But not everyone wants to make a blanket ladder and depending on your style making one could be difficult or not worth your time and effort.

So I've sourced where to buy a ladder for blankets for less than $100 and categorized them by style, color, and material for you to make it easy-peasy.

Find A Decorative Ladder For Blankets:


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Rustic Blanket Ladder Sources

Rustic style includes a lot of natural wood elements, so you'll want to look at wooden blanket ladders with a worn finish or natural shape. The more natural log-like shape, the more rustic.

The color of wood you select could be anywhere from a true brown to a grayish finish and you'll likely want a bit of a worn or natural finish that makes it look like it's been out in the elements.

Rustic blanket ladders usually lean against the wall and since quilts go well with this style, you can use them ladder for quilts too.


Farmhouse Blanket Ladder Sources

Farmhouse blanket ladders will be either metal or wood or even a mix of the two materials.

Because farmhouse style calls for wood finishes and black accents you'll want to look for a wood that isn't too orange with either clean lines or some distress depending on how modern or rustic your farmhouse style is.

This could make a great addition to your entry because it's a great way to organize and display things like hats, scarves, and bags.


Modern Blanket Ladder Sources

If you have a modern decorating style you'll want to look for a blanket holder made out of metal with a smooth finish and clean straight lines. For this style you'll most likely go with a black or a gold blanket ladder.

Modern style can often feel stark so this type of blanket storage can give you the opportunity to add softness and some texture to a blank wall.


Industrial Blanket Ladder Sources

The mix of natural and man made materials is a key element in industrial style so when adding a rack for blankets in an industrial style home, look for one with black metal one that has both metal and wood.

Pipe-looking metal or joints also is a good choice because industrial decor often has these elements.


Contemporary Blanket Ladder Sources

Contemporary style is a pretty even mix of traditional and modern decor elements, and there is typically a lot to choose from in this style category.


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Boho Blanket Ladder Sources

Boho isn't my personal style, but boy do I love it! Boho style uses light wood tones, bamboo, rattan, and natural fibers like string for a really fun and playful look.

The options for how to use these blanket racks is limitless. I could even see these as a cute way to keep clothes off the floor or the back of a chair in a teen girl's room for a "messy but intentional" look.


Wall Mounted Blanket Ladder Sources

These are probably my favorite because these wall blanket racks are so unique in both shape and material. You can still get the functionality of a ladder for blankets or towels but don't have to take up any floor space to display your blankets, quilts, or towels.

I think my favorites are the hanging blanket ladders here; I just might put one of these in our hall bathroom!


Black Blanket Ladder Sources

Black blanket ladders are easy to find. Most common are metal ones, but as you search you'll often find that even wood blanket ladders come in dark finishes that can appear black.


White Blanket Ladder Sources

White blanket ladders are harder to find especially if your style is modern, industrial, or contemporary. But again, many wood finishes will come in a very light, almost white finish and you'll find lots of painted white ones as well.


Gold Blanket Ladder Sources

These are definitely the hardest to find, but if you have a glam decorating style or want to add some sparkle to your space they're worth searching for.


Metal Blanket Ladder Sources

Metal is a common material for a blanket rack and you'll find them in all sorts of shapes from clean lines, to angled, to arched at the top. The sides and rungs of the ladders will also vary in shape and be both square or rounded.


Wooden Blanket Ladders

Wood is probably the most common material for a blanket ladder (and what I used to make my DIY blanket ladder). You'll find wooden blanket ladders in every style, shape, color, and finish. Not to mention the price point for this material can vary greatly too.


I hope you find the perfect decorative ladder for blankets to fit your style! This is one of my favorite ways to add functional style to any space whether it be your living room, entryway, bedroom, or bathroom.

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