Industrial Interior Design Style Guide

Industrial style is popular because it's easy to achieve and easy on the wallet. When paired with other interior design styles it can give any space a fresh and updated feel.

There are key design elements that make industrial style decor unique so if you're wanting to bring a bit of the industrial look into your home, you'll want to focus on the unique industrial decor elements I have for you here today.


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What Is Industrial Style?

Industrial style homes mimic bare bones buildings like warehouses and factories.

They often have an unfinished look that includes things like exposed pipe, brick, structural beams, and wire that instead of being hidden, are used as main design features.

Industrial home decor uses a lot of these same elements.

What Are The Features Of Industrial Decor?

  • Industrial home design features exposed pipes, air ducts, wire, beams, and brick.
  • Industrial homes are usually open concept or lofts.
  • Industrial style home decor uses many of these same elements.
  • Industrial furniture and decor is often blocky in shape and made of metal, wood, leather, and even salvaged parts.
  • There are a lot of clean lines used in industrial design but since the finished and materials used are more utilitarian, the surfaces are often imperfect.
  • Accessories and window coverings are kept to a minimum.
  • An industrial color palette is typically neutral with both light and dark neutrals used together to create lots of contrast.

Examples of Industrial Style Interior Design

This industrial style loft features exposed brick columns and large metal framed windows as its focal point. The furniture and accessories are kept simple and include warm tones and lots of metal and wood materials.

Industrial style living room with exposed brick walls and windowsPin

Exposed concrete walls and ceiling along with exposed air ducts set the stage for a lighter color palette in this industrial house design. The windows are left wide open, and the furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum.

Industrial look living room with light color palettePin
source: houzz

Lots of exposed beams, wires, and pipes against tall exposed brick walls give this loft an updated industrial design style. The leather sofas anchor the space and the plants add softness to the hard and rough edges typical of industrial style.

How to get an Industrial style in your homePin
photo: Derick McKiney

Even if you don't live in an industrial style house you can bring in industrial style in your furnishings and accessories by including materials like wood, concrete, pipe, metal, and salvaged finds.

how to decorate industrial stylePin
photo: Ramona Balaban

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How To Get An Industrial Design Style

When looking for industrial decor ideas there are a lot of simple DIYs you can try that use easy to find supplies like concrete, pipe, and leather.

To add industrial style decor to your home you'll want to...

  • Look for furniture pieces with clean lines that are made from materials like leather, metal, concrete, and wood.
  • Consider leaving pipes or a brick wall exposed or add a faux brick wall to your space.
  • Use lighting with exposed wires and bulbs.
  • Stick to a neutral color palette but don't shy away from dark neutrals.

Here are a few ways I've brought industrial style into my home:

Where to shop for industrial home decor:

Some of my favorite places to buy industrial furniture and accessories are:

To make it easy for you, I've rounded up some of my favorite industrial decor finds from these stores and others.

To avoid a cold overly industrial theme interior it's important to layer in other styles. Too much of one style won't showcase the different parts of your personality and make your home feel like you.

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