How to Decorate

how to create a color palette for your home

How to Create a Color Palette For Your Home

Inside: How to create a color palette for your home. Having a defined interior color scheme for your home isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. In this post we…

design a functional room

How to Design a Room That Functions Exactly The Way You Need It To

Inside: Follow these easy steps and download my free guide and worksheet to plan out a room that functions for your entire family and get ready to love your home…

how to paint perfect lines on textured walls

How to Paint Perfect Paint Lines On Textured Walls

Inside: How to paint perfect paint lines on textured walls. A must do when painting stripes or other shapes on walls and only requires one easy extra step! Painting perfect…

modern outdoor dining room furniture

Modern Outdoor Dining Room Update

Inside: We updated our outdoor dining room with modern outdoor furniture -which is hard to find! I don’t know you guys I’m feeling really adult like with our new outdoor…

Modern Coastal Sitting Room with built in window seat

Our New Modern Coastal Sitting Room

You guys! I can’t believe that today is the day I get to show you around our new modern coastal sitting room! The six weeks completely flew by and I’m…

white Ikea kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Remodel Before and After + 11 Ideas That Add Value

Inside: Use these kitchen remodeling ideas to add value and lots of function to your home during your kitchen remodel planning phase. Do you ever get totally hung up on…

10 modern grey sofas with a chaise

10 Modern Grey Sofas with a Chaise

I get so many questions about our modern grey sofa. Where did we get it, where can you find one too? The questions really started flooding in when I revamped…

3 easy tips to transition to fall decor

3 Easy Ways to Transition to Fall Decor

Inside: Try these 3 easy tips that make the transition to fall decor so doable!  This post sponsored by Pier 1. All opinions are my own. I have to admit, every…

casual plaid fall tablescape

3 Simple Steps to a Casual and Easy Fall Tablescape

Inside: Mixing fabrics doesn’t have to be difficult and playing with plaid on your fall tablescape is an easy way to make it beautiful. I finally had to whip out…

3 easy ways to style your neutral sofa

How to style your neutral sofa, 3 ways

Have you ever had to decorate around something in your home that doesn’t necessarily fit your style anymore? Or maybe you played it really safe with some of your big…

We finally have an organized and creative shared office space and craft room!

Our Shared Office Makeover

Inside: A look at the before and after of our shared office and how we completely transformed it into a shared work space that also acts as a craft room.…

Why I’m unapologetically obsessed with home decor

So the title of this post caught your attention huh? It’s a funny thing for me to make that statement because for a really long time I was a bit…

My Best Tips for an Amazing Outdoor Living Space

Summer is definitely in full swing and that means that you are more likely to find me on my patio rather than indoors. A couple of years ago we transformed…

discover, define, and implement your unique style.

Introducing my new course, Style Your Way Home!

Is there a name for the feeling of excitement, nervousness, chaos, and calm all at the same time? Well what ever it is, that is me today because I’m in…

one decorating mistake you must avoid

One Decorating Mistake You Must Avoid

In the midst of putting the finishing touches on my course, Style Your Way Home, before it launches in just 2 days I was going back through my folder of…

4 reasons your home doesn't feel cohesive and tips to fix it

4 reasons your home doesn’t feel cohesive

If creating a cohesive look in your home is something you struggle to master you are definitely not alone. In fact, I think that this is definitely the number one…

4 practical tips that will have you mixing home decor styles with confidence

4 Practical Tips That Will Have You Mixing Decor Styles With Confidence

Inside: Get these easy tips to mixing decor styles to create a cohesive look that works for everyone! If you’ve ever believed any of the following about decorating you’re dead…

how to define your home decor style

How to Define your Home Decor Style

Last week I had you dig deep to discover your home decorating style. By now, you should have a good idea of what you love in your space and why,…

3 things you need for perfectly styled shelves

3 Ingredients to Perfectly Styled Shelves

Today I’m putting the idea of really thinking more intentionally about my style into action and taking the time to style my shelves in a new way was definitely easier than…

How to find your decorating style

How to Find Your Decorating Style

Inside: These easy tips will help you understand how to find your decorating style based on the things you’re naturally drawn to. No need to be well versed in interior…

Suddenly I’m in need of more color! -The Plan for a Family Room Refresh.

Well color me in the mood for change right? I mean really. In the past month, I’ve changed my hairdo (cut about 6 inches off to about shoulder length,) changed…

three neutral paint colors

Revealed: My Neutral Paint Colors

Inside: The exact paint colors I  use in my home! It’s all about neutral paint colors that are calm, relaxing and very versatile. Folks keep asking, so I dug through…

get the look- simple eat in kitchen

Get the Look: Simple and Pretty Eat In Kitchen Nook

Ever wonder where to get all the pretty elements that create those beautiful rooms that we see on Pinterest? Me too!!! That’s why I started taking some of my favorite…

Color crush Aqua - So much amazing inspiration for adding turquoise to your home

Color Crush: Aqua + Updated Shelf Styling

You know what can make a room instantly soothing and fun? The color Aqua! Call it what you want… aqua, aquamarine, turquoise, blue-green, greenish-blue. How about awesome? I sure think…

bathroom renovation sources

Modern Coastal Bathroom Sources

Hello there! It has been a few weeks since we finished the kid’s bathroom and word on the street is that you guys love it and I’m so thankful for…

6 thoughts on “How to Decorate

  1. Kitchen Set says:

    Nice decoration tips. Thanks for sharing. Great Article.

  2. Sanda Floric says:

    I love your post on how to chose the perfect greige and would like your advice since I live in Europe and we do not have Sherwin Williams paints available in my country could you recommend greige color from Dulux for small south facing bedroom, the furniture is all white and the walls are white and it looks really bad so I want to liven it up a little with different wall color but can not decide. They do not offer samples to try some on the wall and stuff.

    1. Hello. Most paint stores can color match based on the name of a color. You might even try google searching the color formula for Requisite Grey and take it to your paint store to have it mixed.

  3. Pat jackson says:

    I am trying to hang curtains on my metal pergola. It is causing me pause as I don’t know how to hang the hinges for the curtain wire, it all says they need to be attached to a wall, and I have 4 metal post, please help me. I am working on a small budget and have to do it DIY.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Pat. If the posts are metal you can still hang them, you will just need the right screws and drill bit to attach your parts to metal. I didn’t use a wire, I used pipe. Did you read this post?

  4. Virginia Doherty says:

    I really like the way you presented choosing the right greige color. I have been struggling for a paint color for my room and wanted a greige color that was on the warm side.

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