15 Stylish Shower Niche Ideas

We installed a shower niche when we remodeled the kids' bathroom, and I love the simple style and functionality it added.

Bathroom shower niches are cleverly designed recessed shelves that provide convenient storage for shower essentials like shampoo and soaps while keeping the area clutter-free.

They also break up a large expanse of bathroom tile by providing a small but important decorative focal point. Many people like to splurge just a bit on the shower niche because you can make it a special artistic statement without having to spend a ton of money on the entire bathroom.

Let's explore some of the best shower niche ideas that enhance the overall look of your bathroom, plus I'll share some tips on how to decide on the right shower niche height, what shower niche sizes to consider, and selecting a tile for a shower niche.


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Choosing The Right Shower Niche

1. Figure out where to place the shower niche

The best shower niche height is at eye level, within easy reach when you're in the shower. You don't want to have to bend down or stretch too far. Placing the niche near the shower head or along the same wall also helps create a cohesive design that's pleasing to the eye. Avoid placing the niche in a splash zone or along an outside wall to minimize moisture issues.

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2. Choose the size and dimensions

Look at the space you have available and measure the width and height to ensure it fits proportionally and doesn't overpower the space. Consider where the plumbing and electrical are behind the wall and make sure the niche won't interfere with them. Also think about what items you plan to store in the niche and select a size that can accommodate them comfortably.

For reference, the most popular shower niche sizes are 12 inches wide x 28 inches high and a 12 inch square shower niche insert.

3. Select the materials and finishes

Here's where you'll want to consider the other elements in your bathroom such as faucets and shower head, and coordinate the finish and materials with those. Choose waterproof and durable materials that are easy to maintain like ceramic or porcelain tile. (If you need help choosing tile, check out my easy tips for choosing bathroom tile.)

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Shower Niche Design Ideas

Once you've narrowed down the basics, you can move toward picking out the design that appeals to you both visually and functionally. Let's showcase some awesome shower niche ideas to get you started.

Minimalist shower niche designs

Minimalism is all about simplicity and decluttering. Opt for clean lines and a neutral color palette for a modern style and incorporate shower niche shelf or metal accents. Avoid any complex designs or protrusions.

This sleek vertical shower niche on Decoholic maximizes storage by extending the entire height of the shower. By utilizing the same marble material as the wall along with glass shelves, the niche blends seamlessly into the shower wall.

Rosanna of Eggshell Home choose a muted hexagon pattern for their recessed shower niche. Glass shelves keep it light and provide a place for decor items which soften the room and infuse it with serenity.

This vertical shower niche features a subdued mosaic background, a style chosen by Kelley Nan for her bathroom remodel. The creamy neutral tones amplify the modern vibe, and the stacked horizontal tile on the shower wall offers a subtle yet interesting statement.

Peaceful is the word for this barely noticeable horizontal niche designed by GIA Renovations. It quietly provides storage without fuss, letting the peach subway tile on the other wall be the star of the show.

This monochromatic space features a subway tile shower niche. The gray tiles are the same size and color as the shower walls, allowing this niche to disappear into the rest of the shower.

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Contrasting tile shower niche ideas

If you're looking to add a touch of flair and visual interest, you can mix and contrast different tiles, colors, textures or patterns. This design choice immediately catches the eye, and the contrast adds depth and dimension to your niche, making it a true statement piece in your bathroom.

This bold and vibrant fish scale tile for the shower niche breaks up the neutral background with a jolt of color and makes the small bathroom feel bright. Bathroom remodel by Construction 2 Style.

Love, Create, Celebrate chose a timeless black and white bathroom combination for their master bath remodel. The black hexagon tiled shower niche imparts inky depth to the pristine white subway tile backdrop.

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This wide horizontal shower niche shown on Better Homes & Gardens cleverly echoes the primary elongated tile pattern, becoming an eye-catching design of coordinating color and shape.

If your bathroom is small and lacks storage, carve out space in the shower wall like this design by Carla Aston. Tiny glass mosaic tiles add color and interest to this practical yet stylish large shower niche with ample room for storage.

Unique Shower Niche Ideas

When we tiled the tub surround in our kid's bathroom, we used a classic recessed shower niche design. But you're not limited to just one niche, nor the typical square shape.

By expanding the shower niche sections either vertically or horizontally you can easily double your storage space without losing aesthetic appeal. This also helps if more than one person wants to store stuff separately or people of different heights use the same shower.

If you choose to go wider than normal, just know it could increase your costs as structural reinforcement of the shower wall may be needed.

Rather than installing one tall shower niche, Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles created two sections, one for larger shower products and a smaller area for shaving items. The shower niche trim frames both sections in gold metal instead of the more traditional bullnose tile. Small geometric tiles provide a subtler contrast and repeat the shower floor pattern.

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His and her shower niches wear the same vertical tile in this beautifully designed aqua bathroom. Blending the shower niches into the wall creates the visual illusion of a larger room.

Emily Henderson stacked double square niches in this discreet recessed design of solid white tile. The top niche features simple decor touches and the bottom one holds shower supplies. This niche style quietly gives center stage to the shower wall's uniquely textured cle tile.

Adding decorative LED light brings gentle illumination and a spa-like ambience to a shower that might otherwise look gray and cold in this contemporary bathroom by Allchin Builders.

The graceful arched shower niche offers increased storage and softens the typical angular shower niche design, shown in this elegant and sophisticated bathroom by Caroline Andreoni. Keep in mind the arch style may be more complicated to install than the square or rectangle niche, which could affect your overall costs.

A shower niche is a great option to add useful but stylish bathroom storage, and you have an amazing variety of styles to choose from. When it comes to designing a niche, there really aren't any rules so let your imagination soar.

Whether you're choosing something simple or high end, with proper planning and design, you can have the perfect niche for your shower.

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