Our Shared Office Makeover

A look at the before and after of our shared office and how we completely transformed it into a shared work space that also acts as a craft room.

Well it took a bit longer than I’d anticipated and I still have a few details to add, but it feels so good to say that we have turned our “heap of a mess” office into an organized, creative, bright and airy, shared office space and craft room and this girl is thrilled!

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I think it’s safe to say that we all have at least one space in our home that’s a catch all and needs a bit of decrapifying.

Whether it be a drawer –- I have multiple, or an entire room like we had here, taking it on one small part at a time with a proven method for decluttering has literally given us our home back, and we love it!

Do you remember what this shared office looked like before?

Well, let me remind you real quick cause it will make the grand tour that much better — And make redeeming myself that much better.

Crap. Everywhere. – Can’t even believe I ever worked in this space!

office before
office closet before built in

Ok, so sorry to hurt your eyes like that.

That side of the room that you just saw there, is now my husband’s desk area. And instead of seeing that when you first walk in the room you now see this!


shared office revealPin

To put it nicely, my better half and I have VERY different organization styles. As in, I’m pretty organized and he isn’t. Getting on the same page is a struggle, which is why I had given up for so long, but we chipped away at all of it and we’re both really happy with the outcome.

He has his own desk space...

...with plenty of storage, and we moved the printer and scanner onto the file cabinet that I transformed with a coat of paint and by building some shelves to add to the top portion.

Adding vertical storage in a small office space gives you lots of extra storage, and doesn’t take up more floor space, so the area can still feel light and airy (which means a less cluttered, clearer thinking brain).

I found these original art pieces among the crap and they are so perfect here since they have a lot of meaning. One is a cartoon poster that was created for his late father’s retirement celebration and the other is a caricature drawing of him and his closest buddies having drinks.

He also has a dry erase board there to jot down to-dos as necessary.

light and bright shared office spacePin

Then there’s my side of the office

We bought the same desk and file drawers for me and I added more vertical storage with a shelf above my desk area.

I have to say, it is so nice to have a really bright white work space and everything I need to brainstorm ideas, edit photos, and do my writing is right at my finger tips. I really only need to get up to refill my coffee (or wine glass) every so often during my chunks of work time.

Note: wall color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

open shelves over desk for extra storagePin

My side of our shared office space also includes a nice big work area with a large table, inspiration board that I made for almost nothing, and of course all that amazing storage that we created in the old closet with IKEA dressers.

I love that the built-ins we created have a ton of hidden storage, but also has some display space. It makes the room feel open and gave me an opportunity to add some extra pops of color and pattern. Plus I love the idea of changing up the items on the shelves from time to time to get a little different look and feel in the room.

Definitely a far cry from how the closet looked before right?

office closet before built in
shared office ideasPin

Ok. I’m even impressed with the transformation, now that I see these before and after shots side by side!

I left a good portion of the white wall empty because I often need a white backdrop for photos. This makes taking those photos a breeze, cause all I have to do is turn the table against the wall where the plant is and I have a white background. So much better than having to set up white boards all of the time!

On the wall closest to my desk, I put up some fun prints that remind me of my favorite place (the beach) and the cool part is that this little gallery area can easily be changed out with the season, or as my style evolves.

craft area in shared officePin

Getting this space in order has put my creativity and my motivation into overdrive.

I’ve been able to focus on my growing business in such a better head space and I know it’s because I no longer dread walking into this room, and I can find what I need quickly.

Looks like Hey There, Home Headquarters is shaping up and I’m one happy lady!

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