DIY Framed Corkboard For The Office

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about my office overhaul had you?

The truth is that after I got my beautiful closet built in done, I was stalling a bit cause I got really busy and wanted to live with the furniture placement for a little while before putting the finishing touches on the space.

I’ve got a few more projects and some organizing to do in here for sure and was able to finish one of them this past weekend from an old framed mirror that we’ve had in the garage for a really long time. I knew I had been holding onto it for a reason and was able to turn it into a really fun corkboard for my office wall!

diy framed corkboard from an old framePin

I know I've been throwing the word decluttering around  a lot lately, but this was one of those things that I kept, knowing it just needed a little love to make it super useful.

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Supplies For DIY Framed Corkboard

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thrifted framed mirror turned into a fun cork board for the officePin

You can see that I had started sanding it down years ago (probably over 5 years ago to be super transparent) but I didn’t have the vision until I found this really fun yellow color from Sherwin Williams called Eye Catching.

So I cleaned it off, whipped out my trusty paint sprayer to be sure I got a really smooth finish and after a few light coats I let it dry for what was supposed to be a day or two, but actually turned out to be over 2 weeks because, well…. life happened.

I could have removed the mirror before painting, but it was fine to remove it once the frame was painted too.

I removed the foam core backing, then had to remove some staples (with a screwdriver) and finally I sliced the caulk with a utility knife and the mirror popped right out.

I bought a roll of cork that was wide enough for my frame and used the foam core to cut it to size using a utility knife.

Then I used hot glue to attach the cork to the foam core. If you don’t already have a piece of foam core on the back of your old frame, I suggest picking one up. (You can find it really cheap at Dollar Tree.) The reason being that rolls of cork are pretty thin and thicker sheets can be really expensive. Layering the cork on top of the foam core will allow you to poke your tacks in no problem.

Once you have your cork and foam core together and it’s dry, lay it into your frame and then add more hot glue into the cracks in each and on top of both the board and frame so that when it dries the hot glue holds the board in place.

And that’s it!

creating an inspiring office spacePin

I placed mine just above my work area and plan to pin up inspiration and have a space to plan out the design of different spaces.

I like the idea that when I’m working on a specific space I can use this board to gather inspiration and see how things work together before they make it into the room. Plus it keeps things up and off of my work table.

That’s just one of a couple of ways that I plan to make my office functional and pretty. It’s a work in progress!

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