Simple Christmas Decor

I'm all about simple Christmas decor when it comes to decorating for Christmas for a few reasons…

One, I don't like clutter.

A few years ago it dawned on me that I wasn't enjoying our holiday decorations because it felt like there was just too much stuff! So I've simplified our Christmas decor to keep it fun and festive, but clutter free too.

Two, I don't have a big budget for Christmas decorations.

Every few years we add something new, but we mostly use what we have in different ways this year.

Regardless of whether you follow Christmas decor trends, stick to traditional holiday decor, or go with minimalist Christmas decor, you're in the right place cause I'm joining 16 other talented bloggers for a Very Merry Christmas Home Tour!

So once I've shown you how we've decorated our home for Christmas this year, at the bottom of this post you'll find links to tour 16 other homes decorated for Christmas. - You're sure to find all the inspiration you need to make your Christmas feel like you.

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My Christmas Color Palette

I've done Christmas colors in many different ways. Sometimes I do blue and white winter wonderland colors in our front room or go wild with bright colored Christmas decorations in there.

And in our family room, I typically stick to more traditional red and green Christmas decor.

This year I decided to switch it up a bit and mix the traditional Christmas colors with the bright colored decorations I've collected in recent years.

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We don't have a fireplace so our built-ins act as our mantel this time of year and create a nice focal point in the room.

The modern glittery Christmas trees I made a few years ago are the star of the show and the decor on the shelves on either side is kept simple and minimal.

how to decorate shelves for christmasPin

The DIY Christmas stockings I made add a ton of color and pattern and just a few Christmas accessories add just enough Christmas to make it fun and festive without it feeling like there's too much stuff.

handmade christmas stockingsPin

The Faux White Tree Is The Star Of The Show

This tree is giving me all the feels this year. Both my grandmothers growing up had white trees and it's bringing back so many memories for me. - And I love that you can see it from every part of our downstairs!

Decorating the tree together is one of my favorite family traditions. We have a lot of family ornaments that the kids love to decorate the tree with but this year we were worried that our kitten would knock the tree over at some point so we only used ornaments that were replaceable or not breakable.

I have to say, I really love how fun it looks! - My daughter keeps saying it reminds her of candy land!

festive holiday decorPin

We've never put the white tree in our family room before either. Usually we go with a real tree in here, but simplifying everything so we have more time to enjoy time together seems to be the trend this year, and I'm not complaining about it one bit.

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How to put ornaments on a tree

This faux white tree came prelit which makes it really easy to put up.

Once the branches are spread out, we start with the largest ornaments and space them out in a sort of zig zag or triangle pattern down the tree to give it balance.

Next, we add the ball ornaments also using a triangle pattern that intermixes with the existing ornaments.

Pro tips:

  • Add some of the more sparkly ball ornaments deep in the tree to reflect light and add depth.
  • Create clusters of ball ornaments and hang them so the bottom of the cluster faces out.

And finally we added some thin pink garland and some sparkle sticks that we made sure stuck out from the tree a little bit to give it even more depth.

colorful christmas tree decorationsPin

Like I said, the tree is the star of the show this year. You can see it from every room!

From the dinner table, from the kitchen while I'm cooking, and right when you walk in the front door!

It's going to be hard to go back to a green tree!

Decorating For Christmas In The Kitchen

Since the family room (that gets the most decorations) opens up to the kitchen, it would feel weird to not have any Christmas in the kitchen so I added just a few touches.

A couple sparkly bows make our existing pendant lights look like Christmas ornaments.

christmas decor in the kitchenPin

And the floating shelves are a perfect spot to bring some of the bright colored Christmas decorations into this part of the house.

christmas decorations in the kitchenPin

And of course our Christmas placemats add those same fun colors to the table.

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Dining Room Christmas Decorations

This room is where my minimalist Christmas decor really came out this year.

I often put a lot of decorations in our front room, which is our open concept dining and sitting room, but this year I only put out my absolute favorite items and only in a few spots.

The tall glittery trees add a ton of sparkle and color to the corner drawing your eye in as soon as you walk in the door.

And simply adding my DIY glitter block letters to the bar made it instantly festive for cocktails with family and friends this time of year.

gold and blue christmas decorPin

I displayed my bottle brush trees down the center of the dining table and added my favorite crystal light garland to the entry table.

bottle brush christmas treesPin

But still, the star of the show is the tree. Here's the view from right when you walk in the front door.

white faux tree decorated for christmasPin

The Very Merry Christmas Home Tour

There's more tours to be taken! Click the links below to tour other bloggers homes all decorated for Christmas!

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