Come On In! Christmas Home Tour

Come inside and peek at both my winter wonderland and super fun and kid friendly Christmas decorations!

This time of year means a lot of walking local neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights for us. But I’m one of those nosy people who really want to know what is going on with the decorations inside each house. Am I the only one?

So since I know you are eager to snoop just as much as me, I’m inviting you in today for a peek around at my Christmas decorations! And once you’re done here, you’ll be able to snoop around more bloggers’ homes!

I’ve got two themes going again this year, winter wonderland, and a more kid friendly theme with fun colors!

So come on in to my Christmas home tour!

Christmas Home Tour 2014Pin

Let’s start in the room where we spend the most time, our living room.

My little girl wanted to use some really fun colors this year. Last year we stuck to the traditional red and green Christmas colors, but this year with just a few tweaks we were able to add pink and blue and make it really fun!

We don't have a fireplace, so we like to use the shelf over our television as if it were a mantel. I was able to add a ton of color with some wrapped boxes and a few fun decorations. My favorite is definitely the nutcracker!

To fill in some of the visual space I hung these plastic ornaments that look like Christmas lights at different lengths from the ceiling.

Fun and colorful Christmas mantlePin

I hung 2 of my DIY Christmas stockings on each side of the wall unit and love the color that they add along with more packages on the top shelves.

Easy Christmas shelf stylingPin

Here is the full view for ya.

easy living room Christmas decor with wrapping paperPin

The living room opens up to the kitchen so I continued with just a few decorations in there.

Kitchen Christmas decorPin

Most of the Christmas decorations in the kitchen are on the floating shelves. My kids love these wine holders that I picked up a few years back at Michaels. I’ve never actually used them for wine cause they make such cute decorations!

And of course the Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without some of the art that my kids have made. This giant elf that my little lady made last year is my favorite. He hangs right near the table where we eat breakfast.

If you walk toward the front of the house you’ll find our more formal dining room and family room where I like to keep the Christmas decorations a bit more formal too. I loved the winter wonderland theme that I did last year and with just a few new additions and using my decorations in new ways I was able to create a pretty and wintery room again!

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Instead of using this white fluffy garland for a garland Christmas tree like I did last year, I took it apart and swagged it up my staircase, which I’m loving.

Then I used the lights that were on the stairs last year above the window.

Winter Wonderland Christmas DecorationsPin

My mom picked up these really awesome and sparkly trees for me at Walmart at the end of the season last year and I couldn’t wait to put them up! I love how tall they are cause that corner definitely needed something since I killed yet another house plant. #blackthumb

The dining room and this family room are actually one big room so the winter wonderland theme continues.

I’ve been talking about having a tree in our front window since we moved into this house and I finally found an amazing deal that I couldn’t pass up. It’s a tradition to go out and get a real tree, which we haven’t done yet, but when we do it will go in the other room where we spend Christmas morning and it will have all of the fun ornaments on it that the kiddos love so much.

winter wonderland living roomPin

So that leaves this one to me, which is so much fun! I kept with the blue and white Christmas decorations for the tree using white lights, blue ornaments, and white paper snowflakes. Can I just tell you how pretty it looks from the street at night!

Everything on the shelves in this room is stuff I already had except for this one new addition, and one of my only Christmas crafts this year. These gold glitter block letters spell out one of my favorite Christmas words, "Noel".

As I walk you out, take a look at the last little display of winter wonderland on my entry table. I kept it pretty simple here with some white light up trees from Ikea, white glittery deer, and of course my new friend up on the wall, who has yet to be named. Any suggestions?


Thanks so much for coming by. It was so great to have you over to help me welcome my favorite time of year.

I know you are probably itching to get more snooping in, so head on down the list and see what other bloggers have going on in their Christmas home tours this year.

Happy Holidays!

A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour

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