Christmas Table With A Twist

Fun – Festive – Modern Christmas table on a budget using non-traditional colors!

Christmas is just 2 weeks away and my guest room may still be piled up with stuff that doesn’t belong in there, but at least the table is set for Christmas Eve dinner!

What can I say, I wanted to do the fun part first and my friend Aniko from Place of My Taste wanted to get a group of us together this holiday season to show you just how easy or all out a Christmas table can be.

So today I get to show you my easy Christmas tablescape and then at the bottom of this post, I’m linking to a group of fabulous bloggers so you get to poke around our dining rooms!

It might look like a lot went into my Christmas table decorations, but I assure you, I didn’t buy anything new.

Colorful Christmas Table DecorationsPin

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Instead I used what I had, borrowed from my mom, and even used paper napkins when I was in need of a pop of color –- and a place for my guests to wipe their hands that doesn’t require me to do laundry.

I haven’t done a ton of Christmas related projects this year. In fact, I’ve been on a mission to simplify the season but I did manage to get a couple of fun projects done that involved some really fun non traditional Christmas colors that are bright and poppy like my modern Christmas trees.

I’m loving these fun colors so I thought I should just go with it for my Christmas table too.

Fun and festive Christmas tablescapePin

The first thing I did was lay down some black and white houndstooth pattern wrapping paper as a tablecloth.

This added a big punch of pattern (which totally helps when the theme is fun) and it saved me from searching for the right tablecloth, or doing laundry - my least favorite chore on the planet!

budget friendly christmas tablePin

Next, I set each place setting with a silver (plastic) charger plate, a basic white plate (my everyday plates) and a pink glass bowl that I borrowed from my mom.

When I stepped back I realized that I needed one more shot of color under the pink bowl so I dug through the bin in the garage with the left over party supplies and found these paper napkins. Bam!

non traditional christmas colors on tablePin

Perfect (and still no laundry!)

My mom also let me borrow this amazing black stemware set that was my grandmother’s.

These black glasses are definitely my favorite part of the table, for the simple fact that I love that my grandma gets to be a part of the holiday (and the lady had great taste- obviously).

All of these colors were inspired by these bright colored Christmas balls that I had left over from my DIY ornament wreath which I used to make the center of the table super Christmas-sy.

Colorful Christams Tablescape IdeasPin

Down the center of the table, I placed some large candle holders filled with the sparkly Christmas ornaments, and then used tree clippings (free from the tree lot) to fill in.

Originally I had this on the wrapping paper table cloth, but added a table runner with mostly white background to make it pop a bit more.

And of course every table needs a bit of candle light, so I popped in my glass candle holders, and a few tea lights.

And to finish it off a few more Christmas ornaments were added to the fresh greenery.

And there you have it!

Christmas tablescapePin
Easy christmas tablescapePin

A Christmas table that my grandma would absolutely love and that we are going to enjoy on Christmas Eve with my mom-in-law, my parents, and the four of us.

And since I didn’t go all out with the Christmas decorations this year, having this table set for the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas just added instant cheer to my dining room.

Colorful Christmas TablePin

I really hope you enjoyed my colorful Christmas table!

Now it’s time for even more inspiration from these talents below!

Christmas Table Blog Hop

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