Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Paint – Is It Right For You?

Sherwin Williams has a great selection of warm gray or greige paint colors but with so many choices, how do you know which shade will be the right fit for your home's color palette?

For one thing when choosing a neutral it's really important to pay close attention to the dominant undertones and how natural and artificial light will affect the color once it's on your walls.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is a popular choice because it's a versatile gray neutral that never goes out of style. Read on to discover whether it’s the right greige paint color for your home.

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What Color Is Repose Gray SW 7015?

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint is a light tone neutral greige that pairs well with almost every decor style and color palette. It’s one of Sherwin Williams’ most enduring and popular grays because it allows you to have a mix of both cool and warm tones throughout your home on things like your furniture, flooring, and accent colors.

SW Repose Gray undertones

A soft violet is one of SW Repose Gray undertones that make it sometimes difficult to use in north-facing rooms or rooms without natural light because the violet undertone might be more noticeable in this cool light situation.

However when looking at the Repose Gray color strip you'll notice it also has brown and green in its base color to balance it out.

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams color strip

Is Repose Gray warm or cool?

Because this color has brown in its base it is considered a warm gray. This makes it less clinical looking and more cozy and inviting. Depending on the light conditions, Repose Gray 7015 might look cool in some cases due to that hint of violet undertone.

Repose Gray LRV

LRV (light reflective value) is a scale used to tell how light or dark a color is. The scale goes from 1 (blackest black) to 100 (true white).

Repose Gray LRV is 58.

Anything 45-100 is considered light but even Pure White (SW 7005) is 84 so in the grand scheme of things this is closer to a medium shade than it is the lightest shade.

Examples of Rooms With A Repose Gray Color Scheme

Repose Gray walls in an open concept space

When you choose wall color, be sure to think about cohesiveness because open floor plans need a wall color that plays well across multiple spaces. Cass of Cass Design Co shows off Repose Gray walls at full strength in her great room. I love the timeless coastal vibe and the multiple windows show off the wall paint in a subtle way that’s not overwhelming and allow the white trim to pop.

sw repose gray wallsPin

Repose Gray living room

You can see here why Repose Gray living rooms are so popular. SW Repose Gray provides a perfect neutral backdrop for this contemporary rustic living room by Project Allen Designs, proving its quiet undertones look amazing with any decor style.

Repose Gray living roomsPin

Repose Gray cabinets

Repose Gray kitchen cabinets are a popular choice because its versatility makes it easy to mix with virtually any type of countertop, flooring or trim. Emily of Table & Hearth transformed her kitchen by lightening up the formerly dark cabinets with Repose Gray color paint. The overall look she achieved is wonderfully bright and airy!

Repose Gray kitchen cabinetsPin

Repose Gray kitchen walls

If you have white or even light brown cabinets in your kitchen, Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams would be a great choice for a wall color because it will add a bit of warmth and make white cabinets subtly stand out and make brown cabinets feel more updated.

Repose Gray bedroom walls

Master bedroom with 7015 Repose Gray paint

Erica at Designing Vibes chose Repose Gray for her master bedroom walls because of its reputation for being a true gray with minimal undertones. She loves the soft welcoming feeling that Repose Gray Sherwin Williams interior paint added to her space without feeling cold.

Repose Gray bedroom wall colorPin

Repose Gray color in a nursery

This is a great example of how versatile this neutral greige color is. Blooming Homestead shows off Repose Gray SW walls with cool accent colors of lavender and white. Using these accent colors with Repose Gray brings out the cooler side of the color, while eliminating any blue that often shows up in true gray paint colors.

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Repose Gray bathroom

If full strength is too much, consider doing what Erin did in her bathroom at My Texas House when she used Repose Gray lightened 50%. This works great in a smaller space or room without much natural light, to add some color to the walls and create a clean and uncluttered look.

7015 repose gray bathroomPin

Repose Gray exterior paint

SW Repose Gray is a great choice when painting the exterior of your house because with its warm undertones it appears gray without looking too blue, a mistake I see way too often. And because it's a warm gray it pairs really well with the variations of both warm and cool tones you see in a lot of stone work tying everything together nicely.

Repose Gray Vs Other Greige Colors

Mindful Gray vs Repose Gray

Mindful Gray SW 7016 is a bit darker than Repose with an LRV of 48 and a more prominent brown undertone. Both Repose and Mindful represent a solid balance between warm and cool tones but if your room is small and dark, Repose Gray will be the better choice to brighten it up because its lighter shade will bounce light around the room better.

Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray

Agreeable Gray SW 7029 and Repose Gray are similar, but Agreeable Gray tends to be warmer, with more true chocolate brown undertones which is why you see a bit more warmth in the side by side comparison below. Agreeable Gray has a slightly higher LRV of 60, making it a slightly lighter color.

Repose has less brown/more black in the undertone than Agreeable Gray, making it cooler. Both of these colors are timeless but if you’re looking for a gray that leans toward tan without being too pink, Agreeable Gray is the better choice.

Requisite Gray vs Repose Gray

Requisite Gray SW 7023 is quite a bit darker than Repose and has a much stronger violet undertone. Requisite Gray works better in bright rooms with a lot of warm light to balance out its cool undertones.

Silverpointe vs Repose Gray

Despite both colors sitting in the mid-range, Silverpointe and Repose Gray are very different.

Silverpointe is cooler toned, with green and a little bit of blue undertones and it's a bit lighter with an LRV 64. If you're looking for a light neutral with a hint of green that will create a cool atmosphere in your home, Silverpointe will definitely fill the bill.

If you're struggling to narrow down your paint choices, the super simple trick is to get samples and stick them on your walls side by side. Seeing an SW Repose Gray paint sample alongside your other favorite colors will make your paint decisions much easier.

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Repose Gray Coordinating Colors

If you choose to use Repose as your main neutral wall color the next question is...

What are colors that go with Repose Gray?

Because it has both cool and warm undertones it really can go with almost any whole house color scheme even if it includes both warm and cool colors. This neutral bridges the two together nicely.

A student in my online decorating course used Repose Gray as the main neutral throughout their home paired with deep blue-gray and burnt orange accent colors.

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In the rooms you saw earlier in this post it is easy to see that Repose Gray accent colors can be anything from lavender to orange. It really is that versatile.

What white goes with Repose Gray?

Sherwin Williams Simple White 7021 matches well with Repose due to sharing the same whispery violet undertones.

If you’d like a stronger contrast, Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005 is a lighter brighter white and a no-fail trim and ceiling color. (You can't go wrong with Repose Gray with pure white trim. It's my personal go-to for all the trim in my own home.)

What color cabinets go with Repose Gray walls?

White cabinets with Repose Gray walls is probably the most common combo. The cabinets can be bright white or a warmer white, both will look great.

You can also pair Repose Gray walls with light tone wood cabinetry. In this case the warmth of the paint color will be more evident.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

A lot of factors go into selecting colors for your home, and it goes way beyond paint color.

Things like your home color palette, existing colors in your home (that you may not be able to change), and the color of the natural light, or lack of natural light can change the way a color shows up in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Repose Gray

What color is one shade lighter than Repose Gray?

When you look at the Repose Gray color swatch you'll notice that it is the lightest shade. If you're looking to use this color but want to go lighter, you can have it mixed at 75% or even 50% lighter to keep the undertones true but have it less saturated.

Is there Behr Repose Gray or Valspar Repose Gray?

No. Repose Gray is a Sherwin Williams neutral greige paint color. If you want to use Behr or Valspar paint you can ask to have this color mixed for you, but for the most true to color use the Sherwin Williams brand.