Suddenly I’m In Need Of More Color! – The Plan For A Family Room Refresh

Well color me in the mood for change right?

I mean really. In the past month, I’ve changed my hairdo (cut about 6 inches off to about shoulder length), changed my blog name, got rid of the purple blog color scheme that has been with me since day one, and now I’m taking the typical monochromatic color palette that I have going throughout most of my home and adding some color!

Oh and I purged about 8 bags of crap from my closet, but that is for another day.

I guess you could say that in the 5 years we’ve lived here we have spent a lot of time updating our home. I went with colors I love because I know I will always love them. It also helped me make design choices so that my whole home flowed together nicely.

So this is what my family room looks like currently.


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family room - way beforePin

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I love it, but there is something blah about it. Love the colors, LOVE the curtains I made (those are staying for sure) but it is a bit to “safe” for me. I definitely think it’s time for a little change update. Not necessarily a change because I’m going to show you how you can take a room in this state (pretty, but not quite there) and use it as your starting point.

My current color palette of blues and greys is going to be my starting point for what is to come and my goal is to add a bit more personality to the space, make it way more fun, and give it a little wow.

At least that is my hope. I haven’t touched the room yet, so buckle your seat belts cause you're now along for the ride!

Let’s start with adding in a few new pops of color. (mmmm- I’m already liking it more!)

By taking the greys and blues that I already have going on and adding in some new elements with the new pops of color I’m going to add a ton of personality to the space.

The plan for my family room refresh. Add some fun and pops of colorPin

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  1. Update the boob ceiling fan that the builder put in. It is the only thing in this room right now that was there when we moved in. Yucky. This modern version from Lamps Plus is going to still give us the function we need (it gets really hot here) but will definitely fit in with the more modern vibe we have going on.
  2. I plan to use a few new fabrics to bring in some extra color and pattern. I’m thinking the yellow for a new lamp shade on a table lamp and maybe some fun pillows with the black and white fabric.
  3. I’m going to relocate those precious photos of my kids to a hallway nearby so that will give me the opportunity to put a big piece of art on the wall right there. We don’t have a ton of wall space and we have a lot of family photos on the shelves in this room, so mixing it up with some art will be perfect. Plus, more color!
  4. Going to bring in some life with a large plant.
  5. Planning to add just a few (very few) new accessories to the mix. I already have a ton of white, so I need to be on the lookout for some modern shapes, yellow, pinky-coral accessories.
  6. I already have pillows similar to this with that fun pink color and some blues and I’ll probably sew a few new ones.
  7. And the big show stopper and wow factor will be a new rug! I don’t even want to think about the yuck that probably lives in that brown one. We’ve had it for over a decade and we had a dog until last year, and have had 2 kids with spilled milk and whatnot. It definitely has an occasional dog smell when it is humid and it is time. Plus, this super fun triangle rug was sorta my jumping off point for adding so much more color and fun to the room!

So, there you have it. The only thing leaving the room is the ceiling fan and the rug. Everything else will pretty much stay the same and I’m going to add to it!

What do you think? Is your room in need of a little pick-me-up?

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