Good bye builder boob light, hello sleek and modern!

The story goes a bit like this.

A couple buys the home where they plan to raise their family. They get a good deal because it needs a lot of work.

They are up for the challenge and take on a lot of really big projects but little details get overlooked and slide down the priority list and before you know it more than 5 years have slipped by and things like the outdated and so-not-the-style-they-are-going-for ceiling fan literally hangs over their head.

Well not any more folks! Like I said before, I’m ready to take our family room to the next level and first on my list was replacing the ceiling fan with something more up-to-date and modern!easy to install ceiling fan to update a living space

I really don’t know why we waited so long to tackle this project.

I mean really. It took less than an hour to take down the ugly one and put up this sleek new one. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure.

I picked this brushed nickle ceiling fan out online at and it was delivered within a few days. It had to be assembled, but the instructions were really easy to follow.easy to install ceiling fan to update a living space

Obviously we had to first take down the old ceiling fan. Once that was done it was really a matter of following the instructions to get the main (motor) part put up and wired correctly.easy to install ceiling fan to update a living space

Once that was up and we tested the power to it, we continued with the instructions to attach the blades, insert the light bulbs, and put on the light cover and…

BAM! Pretty new ceiling fan in! Time to step back and take a look!easy to install ceiling fan to update a living space

But first…let’s remember what the old one looked like. It was pretty much a boob light with a ceiling fan. Who knows why, but it seems to be a builder room with greige walls

And here is our new sleek and modern ceiling fan in all it’s glory!

The light and the fan turn on with 2 separate switches and it has a few different speeds that can be controlled with the remote. It also has a reverse which moves super slow and pulls warm air down in chilly weather. I didn’t even know that was a thing!
easy to install ceiling fan to update a living spaceHonestly, I think the reason this small project got put on the back burner for so long was because I wasn’t really sure if it mattered that much. Boy was I wrong.

So crazy how one little change can make such a difference. I didn’t realize how much the old one stuck out like a sore thumb since it wasn’t our style at. all.
easy to install ceiling fan to update a living space

I’m expecting the delivery of my new rug for this space any day and I’m working my way through my plans for this little family room refresh that is going to add so much fun to this room where we spend so much time. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

A big THANK YOU to Lamps Plus for sponsoring this post!

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2 thoughts on “Good bye builder boob light, hello sleek and modern!

  1. Ronda says:

    Love the room. Would you share where you purchased the window as shades?

  2. Totally fits your style! Love the modern, sleek lines. Can’t wait to see your new designs and your new rug in here!Xo

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