Family Room Refresh – Before and After

Inside: Just a few smart changes and this room was totally transformed into a really comfortable and fun family room with a modern traditional style! Tips + video will show you how!

Remember my plan for freshening up my family room and adding some much needed color to the space that I shared back in November?

Well take one last look at this monochromatic (and yawn worthy) room because she is long gone baby!
living room with greige walls

That’s right!

My family room refresh (which took a bit longer than I thought) was so worth the wait!

I’m so glad I took my time with this room because now I love every single detail and it is soooo our style. I’m thinking it might just be my favorite room now because it has just enough color and detail to make it lively and feels fresh.

(Can we say hello to spring early?)
She took this modern traditional family room from basic to fun and comfortable with just a few smart updates

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Yep. This is just perfect for relaxing and playing with the kiddos, or watching the boob-tube.

The main goal for the room was to add a bit of color and make it feel a little bit more modern and alive.

Let’s take a look at how I did that with these tips that you can do, too. And this quick video will show you how to make your own living space functional and feel more like you.

Video Tour Of Our Family Room (with a focus on function)


The first thing I did was replace the ceiling fan with one that is a bit more sleek and modern and rolled out a new rug which instantly added a ton of color and a really fun pattern. (I showed you how I actually used 3 rugs to create this large area rug in this post.)

Then I took the black out of the room. I switched out the large black coffee table that we had in here with one from our front room. This one gives a little nod to the mid century vibe that I love so much and also give us more room to play on the floor. (Gotta have plenty of room for the little one to line up of every. single. one of his cars right?)

I also spray painted the black frames that were on my shelves with a nice coat of glossy white, and now they really pop against the dark blue wall.


Family room builtins

In this corner I moved the floor lamp to the other end of the sofa. I replaced it with some much needed greenery in the form of this fiddle leaf tree.

(Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but it is fake so this girl can’t kill it!)

Having something tall on each end of the sofa makes the room feel really balanced.
She took this modern traditional family room from basic to fun and comfortable with just a few smart updates

Before my family room was pretty monochromatic and had lots of greys and blues. I added to the color palette by adding in a little bit of green or greenish-yellow (to play off the rug,) and a tiny bit of pink that was inspired by this beautiful sunset painting from my friends at Minted.

Family room side chair and painting decor

I added a new lamp shade in a fun fabric, and a few new toss pillows to incorporate the new colors was an easy way to inject those colors.
Fake fiddle leaf tree

I took the time during this refresh to a lot more intentional when it comes to how I style my shelves. 

They had definitely become a place that stuff just got put without a whole lot of thought, and that definitely had to change. 3 ingredients to perfectly styled shelves With the addition of some nice art I was able to again add in my new colors and have the items on my shelves reflect our style so much better.

Just adding a little pop of my new colors here and there on these shelves and around the room , really makes your eye bounce from one part of the room to another and makes everything look cohesive.
3 ingredients to perfectly styled shelves
3 ingredients to perfectly styled shelves

She took this modern traditional family room from basic to fun and comfortable with just a few smart updates

I’m just loving this room now and it is definitely setting the stage for a few more rooms to get a refresh to showcase our style better.

I’d love to know if you have a favorite part of the room! Let me know in the comments!

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Family Room Refresh – Before and After

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40 thoughts on “Family Room Refresh – Before and After

  1. Mary Winquest says:


    I love how you decorated the room. Your suggestions on how to mix different styling trends and bring in color were really helpful for me. Can you also tell me what paint colors you used in the room (walls & blue in the back of the shelves)? Thank you so much.

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hi Mary! So glad you found it helpful. The color behind the shelves is Distance by Sherwin Williams. My walls are Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray. If you don’t have a Sherwin Williams near you, you can have the color mixed at Home Depot. Just tell them the brand and the name. You can find the names of all the paints I use in my home in this post.

  2. Liz says:

    Love your room. I am in the processing of repainting and also changing floor. I want griege for the walls and the floor I was considering the weathered look with
    grey, beige and white but then I noticed that you had a dark brown floor. Confused!

    1. Corey Willis says:

      I think the greige walls will look great with that flooring, Liz. It all depends on what you want to highlight or contrast. In my case my decor is modern so the contrast with the dark floors makes a lot of sense. The floors you describe sound like they’ll go great with the greige. Let me know if you have any any other specific questions.

  3. Christin Cieslarski says:

    I love coming to your blog. It is like a breath of fresh air, which I needed today with the gloomy weather here in Indy. I am getting ready refresh my living room as well. I have a navy, gray, taupe, cream thing happening and I want to incorporate more greenery and a pop of color for the spring. You’re my inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Your spring updates sound awesome, Christin! Glad you stopped by 🙂

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi Corey
    What colour are the walls (greige)?

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hey Kelly It is Sherwin Williams Requisite Grey.

  5. Mosie says:

    What brand artificial trees do you recommend? The link (+) does not work any more. 🙁
    Great reveal!

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention Mosie! Click here for the link to artificial trees.

  6. Melody says:

    Looks great. Can you tell me the color on the walls?

  7. LOVE the added color! It really brightened this room up and it looks amazing!

  8. Jenni says:

    Hi Corey…Totally amazing & beautiful! LOVE the whole room…and LOVE your blog even more. My wall color is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and hoping you can tell me whether or not that rug would work with the Repose?

    1. Hi Jenny. I’m 95% certain that it would look great! I’ve painted a few rooms in my Aunt’s house with Repose and love it!

  9. Marie says:

    Coffee table….way better. Love mid century mod. Small changes make BIG difference.

    1. Thanks Marie! I agree!

  10. Melanie Smerican says:

    Hi Corey! Where did you get the window curtains?

    1. Hey Melanie! I made them. You can see how I did it in this post. They were made with shower curtains 🙂

  11. nikki says:

    Love the rug! Where did you get it?

    1. It’s from Rugs USA and comes in a couple of colors.

  12. Lisa Frost says:


    I’ve been looking for a small grey sectional and yours is perfect, could you tell me where did you purchased it?

    Thanks – Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa. I got it at a place here in San Diego called Roomers. It is a warehouse shop that contracts out with small businesses that make the furniture. The styles are based on large brand names like Pottery Barn and such and there is usually one of these types of stores in most cities. The showrooms are always in a warehouse so try googling it in your area or start asking around. I hope that helps!

  13. Fantastic! Those pops of color and the shelf arrangement are perfect! Thanks for your great ideas. I’m putting it all together for when we move this summer and also create our guest cottage!
    Woo Hoo!

  14. Such a beautiful a fun bright room! It wasnanteallynorettynroom before, but it’s amazing what adding some pops of white and color can do to brighten things up! I love how you styled stout shelves, that rug and all the pops of green!


  15. Love the entire look! Amazing how much accessories make such a difference in a room. 🙂 I’m loving it all but really really love that fan!

  16. Mary Vella says:

    Love it!!

  17. Joanna says:

    I personally love the area rug and the picture you added. — btw your “before” looked pretty good to me! Thanks for sharing – -I need inspiration–haven’t really decorated since I moved into my condo. six mos. ago!

  18. Linda Rahmeyer says:

    The room looks great! I have similar furniture and have been thinking about adding some more color to my space so your room is great inspiration. I have seen some amazingly real looking silk plants….how does your fig tree measure up? Does someone have to touch it to see if it really fake? I am tempted to order one since i don’t have great luck with indoor plants.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much and yes, people have to touch it to see if it is fake! My friend came over and was wondering how I had one with now brown edged flowers so it is a great one!

  19. Michelle says:

    The rug is my favorite piece. For me it’s a statement piece using great color, geometric shapes and size. Second favorite thing is the big wall art. Now you can see it and it ties all the colors in plus adds a refreshing splash of white.

  20. Love the wood coffee table for me it added warmth. Color accents from the picture are the frosting on the cake. Enjoy.

  21. Jean collins says:

    What is the color on the walls? Love it!

    1. Hey Jean. It is Sherwin Williams Requisite Grey.

  22. So lovely and fresh! Inspiring for those of us in a rut!! Must start planning my living room makeover now 🙂

  23. Looks so great! My living room looks a lot like your before. I need to use some of your tricks to make it even better!

  24. It looks amazing Corey!!! I love your bookcases and the Emily Jeffords print is killer!

  25. Love that art! What a gorgeous space!

  26. What a bright and fresh new space Corey! LOVE it!!!

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