Family Room Refresh – Before And After

Just a few smart changes and this room was totally transformed into a really comfortable and fun family room with a modern traditional style! Tips + video will show you how!

Remember my plan for freshening up my family room and adding some much needed color to the space that I shared back in November?


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Well take one last look at this monochromatic (and yawn worthy) room because she is long gone baby! (The only thing I kept in here were the DIY faux Roman shades and the DIY grommet top curtains.)

That’s right!

My family room refresh (which took a bit longer than I thought) was so worth the wait!

I’m so glad I took my time with this room because now I love every single detail and it is soooo our style. I’m thinking it might just be my favorite room now because it has just enough color and detail to make it lively and feels fresh.


(Can we say hello to spring early?)

Yep. This is just perfect for relaxing and playing with the kiddos, or watching the boob-tube.

The main goal for the room was to add a bit of color and make it feel a little bit more modern and alive.

Let’s take a look at how I did that with these tips that you can do, too. And this quick video will show you how to make your own living space functional and feel more like you.

Video Tour Of Our Family Room (with a focus on function)

The first thing I did was replace the ceiling fan with one that is a bit more sleek and modern and rolled out a new rug which instantly added a ton of color and a really fun pattern. (I showed you how I actually used three rugs to create this large area rug in this post.)

Then I took the black out of the room. I switched out the large black coffee table that we had in here with one from our front room. This one gives a little nod to the mid century vibe that I love so much and also give us more room to play on the floor. (Gotta have plenty of room for the little one to line up of every. single. one of his cars right?)

I also spray painted the black frames that were on my shelves with a nice coat of glossy white, and now they really pop against the dark blue wall.

traditional modern family roomPin

In this corner I moved the floor lamp to the other end of the sofa. I replaced it with some much needed greenery in the form of this fiddle leaf tree.

(Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but it is fake so this girl can’t kill it!)

cohesive family roomPin

Having something tall on each end of the sofa makes the room feel really balanced.

Before my family room was pretty monochromatic and had lots of greys and blues. I added to the color palette by adding in a little bit of green or greenish-yellow (to play off the rug,) and a tiny bit of pink that was inspired by this beautiful sunset painting from my friends at Minted.

neutral walls with pink accent colorPin

I added a new lamp shade in a fun fabric, and a few new toss pillows to incorporate the new colors was an easy way to inject those colors.

neutral grey decor with pops of colorPin

I took the time during this refresh to a lot more intentional when it comes to how I style my shelves.

DIY custom built ins tutorialPin

They had definitely become a place that stuff just got put without a whole lot of thought, and that definitely had to change. With the addition of some nice art I was able to again add in my new colors and have the items on my shelves reflect our style so much better.

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shelf styling in family roomPin

Just adding a little pop of my new colors here and there on these shelves and around the room , really makes your eye bounce from one part of the room to another and makes everything look cohesive.

grey and blue family room decorPin
family room shelf decorPin

I’m just loving this room now and it is definitely setting the stage for a few more rooms to get a refresh to showcase our style better.

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