Spray Painted Ceramic Garden Stool Upcycle

Garden stools have been popular for awhile now and I've been wanting a turquoise garden stool side table to add a pop of color in my living room but finding cheap garden stools isn't easy!

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spray painted ceramic stoolPin

I was shocked when I googled for an example and found some over $200 bucks! Yikes.

Even the ceramic garden stools at Home Goods are about $50.

So when I saw this orange garden stool in a second hand store for only $15, I knew I could figure out a way to get the look I wanted.

garden stool beforePin

Can you spray paint ceramic?

You sure can! Ceramic spray paint is actually really easy to find. You'll see a list of materials you can use it on either on the front of the can or in the fine print on the back.

paint for ceramic

I chose this bright turquoise called Rustoleum Seaside in a gloss finish to get a shiny sort of glassy result.

I've used this spray paint for ceramic pots and have spray painted ceramic vases with it and it always turns out really nice.

Tips For Spray Painting Ceramic

  • Clean the surface with a cleaner like Windex to remove dirt and any oils
  • Once it's clean be sure not to touch it where you'll be applying the spray paint because the oils from your hands will affect how the spray paint adheres.
  • Place your ceramic garden stool, vase, or pot on a piece of cardboard and hold the spray paint about 8 inches away spraying in long even movements.
  • It's best to do one thin coat and let it dry before applying additional coats.
  • Once it's even and the surface is to your liking you're done!

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Wanna see mine and theirs side by side?

turqouise garden stool side tablePin

This garden stool side table was one of the only things I kept when I made over our front room and turned it into a sitting room. The turquoise color goes perfect with our color palette and modern coastal style.

Plus, it's the perfect spot to set my glass of wine when the hubs and I sit in here and chat!

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