Sweater Candle Holder For A Modern Fall Centerpiece

A quick and easy modern fall centerpiece that uses upcycled sweaters!

My color palette is definitely on the cooler side but this year I'm determined to mix the warm tones of fall with the modern decor of my home, which can be tricky.

I'm always a bit hesitant to decorate for fall because I don't naturally gravitate toward traditional fall decor, but this modern fall centerpiece I created this year hit the mark for me.

I used sweaters to add texture and today I'm going to show you how simple it was!

DIY sweater candle holderPin

I had an old sweater I loved (which is why after so many years of not even wearing it, it was still in my closet.)  This is such a better use for it because I get to enjoy it all over again! And it was so simple.

Easy Steps to Make Sweater Candle Holders

Step 1: Cut the arms off an old sweater

You will want to create small tubes at different heights to create the most interest on your fall tablescape.

It's best to use a sweater that is in decent shape and don't hesitate to cut the balling off of the sweater using a razorblade or scissors to give it a fresh feel.

Step 2: Place your sweater pieces

Slide the sweater pieces onto the bottoms of hurricane or cylinder shaped candle holders.

old sweater craftsPin

When the season is over, simply slide the sweater pieces off of your candle holders and store them until next year. (I love when seasonal decor is easy to store)!

The end result is this modern centerpiece that has some unexpected textures!

fall centerpiecePin

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