3 Easy Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas Without The Clutter

Learn these easy kitchen counter decor ideas to add style to your kitchen without the clutter so you can style your kitchen and have it be super functional.

I bet your kitchen gets more use than any other room in your home which means it needs to function first. But since it is the heart of the home, and where guests often gather, it's also important to style your kitchen to add personality and create a welcoming place to be.

Today I'm going to show you some easy kitchen counter decor ideas that use items in your kitchen you use regularly to keep these every day items within easy reach AND take your kitchen decor up a notch.


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How to Decorate Your Kitchen Counters Without Clutter

Watch the video or keep scrolling to read through the steps.

1 | Set up a coffee and tea station

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Having everything you need to quickly grab your cup of coffee or tea in the morning is a great styling opportunity.

  • First, place your coffee and tea into air tight canisters that fit your decorating style.
  • Next, grab a couple of your favorite mugs.
  • And anything else you use regularly to prepare your coffee or tea like small spoons, sugar, or lemon.
  • Place everything on a tray or platter to anchor them.

Place the tray next to your coffee maker to create a beverage station that both functions and adds style to your kitchen.

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2 | Lean cutting boards or platters against your backsplash

decorate kitchen countertops with leaning platters

We definitely put a lot of thought into our kitchen remodel and I love the backsplash we chose but one way to break up the visual repetition of your backsplash and showcase some of your pretty dishes or nice cutting boards is to lean them against the backsplash.

I love this idea because it doesn't take up any counter space and is a great opportunity to add color or texture to your kitchen decor.

The leaning pieces can act as background for displaying other items to create little vignettes or points of interest in your kitchen.

how to style your kitchen counters

3 | Add organic elements

style your kitchen with everyday itemsPin

Another way to add to your kitchen counter decor is to keep your colorful fresh fruits and vegetables within reach on a tiered platter or in a bowl to add color and freshness to your kitchen.

Be sure to choose a platter or bowl that makes a bit of a statement when it comes to your personality and adds to your kitchen decor in a unique way.

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style kitchen counters with fresh herbsPin

Plant fresh herbs in small pots and keep them on your kitchen counters or open shelves. These live plants will add a ton of texture, color, and freshness to your counters and they will be easy to add when your recipe calls for them.

99% of kitchen counter decor should be items you use regularly.

When putting these ideas to use, it's best to keep it simple and display items on your kitchen counters in small groupings so your kitchen counter decor is intentional and doesn't appear cluttered.

How to decorate kitchen counters

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