6 Updated Kitchen Window Treatments

Whether you need more privacy, want light control, or just looking to add some aesthetic appeal, kitchen window treatments are a pretty and practical room addition without spending a ton of money.

Get inspired by these simple and fun kitchen curtains, blinds and valances to dress up your kitchen and express your personal style.

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What To Consider When Picking Kitchen Window Treatments

First of all, there's no rule that limits you to just one type of window treatment in the kitchen. That's the good news.

But it's also the bad news cuz it can make narrowing down the options kinda hard. That's why knowing your home decor style gives you a huge boost of confidence that you're making the right decorating decisions.

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Over the sink kitchen window treatments

When you're deciding on the best window treatment for the kitchen, location matters.

If the window sits over the kitchen sink (the most popular place) say hello to sink splatter; you'll want something easy to clean that doesn't mind getting wet. Choose fabric kitchen curtains that can be laundered or shades and shutters made of material that can be wiped down with soapy water.

You'll also want to make sure the height of the faucet doesn't interfere with opening and closing any louvres or panels.

Faux Roman shade for kitchen

A faux Roman shade became a go to window treatment of mine a while ago because they’re a great way to add color and texture, can make your windows look larger, and give any room a finished, elevated look.

My DIY faux Roman shade is purely decorative (doesn't roll up and down) and you can get any fabric of your choice. I ordered shower curtain fabric which makes it a cinch to wipe clean and withstand water stains.

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DIY kitchen Roman shade

If you're after more privacy or light control, you can go all in with a fully extendable kitchen Roman shade like Shawna at Willow Bloom Home.

These DIY Roman shades for the kitchen are lined and perfectly folded, sitting nicely over both sink windows for a beautifully tailored and modern kitchen window treatment.

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Kitchen curtain valances

A kitchen window valance is never out of style and it's a wallet-friendly way to boost window eye appeal. If sewing isn't your gig, I got you. Take a look at this super cute no-sew window valance from Jenna over at Lantern Lane Designs. It's amazing what she did with three yards of fabric!

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Cafe curtains for kitchen

Cafe curtains are back in a big way and add instant charm and privacy while letting natural light in through the top portion. For a fun and relaxed cottage style, they can be gathered and slid over the rod or hung by curtain rings. The curtain structure is simple enough to DIY yet budget friendly if you buy off the shelf.

For half curtains for the kitchen, choose fabric with natural fibers (linen, cotton) that won't absorb cooking fumes or smoke, is washable and dryable, UV resistant and fire-retardant.

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Source: @karamillerinteriors

Kitchen window shutters

White remains the most popular shade for shutters, but this is something that doesn't lend itself to DIY. I love the clean, space-saving lines of these shutters which can easily be adjusted to let in light - or not.

Wood isn't practical for kitchen shutters over the sink; go with a sturdy moisture-resistant faux wood (vinyl or composite blend) for easy care. Faux wood also stands up to hot UV rays streaming through the window as well as winter chill.

If you like the cafe curtain style, you can also shutter just the bottom portion of your kitchen window and leave the top portion open.

Kitchen blinds

A non-fabric option for kitchen window coverings is bamboo blinds. Like shutters, though, you'll want to look for kitchen window blinds made from faux wood or woven reeds and grasses if the window sits near the sink or food prep area because real bamboo isn't waterproof.

Faux wood slats will look like real bamboo, but have the benefit of being fully washable and unaffected by humidity or heat. Woven wood blinds made from grasses and reeds like the one pictured below have tighter weaves that are less see-through and lighter in weight.

Over the counter window treatments for kitchen

A kitchen window that stretches over a counter gives more light for meal preparation so when choosing the right window covering consider the activities happening nearby. If the window is located near a stove or food prep station, again you'll want to opt for kitchen curtains or blinds that will withstand heat and moisture and are easy to care for.

Eating area window treatments

If the window is near your eating area, you can get a little less concerned about stains from food prep splatter. A bank of windows along a kitchen or dining eating area is the perfect place to bring pattern and texture with real wood blinds, cellular blinds (pictured below), even floor length curtains. You can easily control light and privacy by opting for motorized blinds which roll up and down at the touch of a finger.

How To Measure Windows

Whether you go with DIY kitchen window treatments or buy ready made, taking good measurements is a must. There's a lot more to measuring than most people realize because how you take the measurements varies widely according to both the window type and the window treatment you've selected. Most stores like Wayfair and Home Depot have online guides with step by step instructions to help you.

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