A Ginger Peach Moscow Mule In a Nice Cold Copper Mug

We are heading into the weekend again and before we do, I have to share this really refreshing cocktail recipe with you!

As you know, the hubs and I are really big into vodka cocktails lately and so naturally we love a Moscow Mule. But we added a bit of pizazz to it by infusing our own vodka to create a subtle peach flavor and it is so light and yummy…and cold, which comes in handy since we are sweating our you-know-whats off here in So. Cal.

ginger peach moscow mule recipe

The first time I ever had a Moscow Mule I was at a little restaurant called Zel’s here in San Diego. Del Mar to be exact. I highly recommend the place.

Anyway, I was there meeting some girl friends for a nibble and to catch up and it was on the happy hour menu so I thought I’d give it a try. It came out in a really cold copper mug and it was nothing like the typical glass of wine where you have to talk yourself into liking it for the first few sips…it was delish right from the very first sip!

I came home and couldn’t wait to tell the hubs so that we could recreate it! That was a really long time ago and now I’m happy to be seeing Moscow Mules on lots of menus and gaining popularity.

We make them a lot around here, but when peaches came back in season I was suddenly hit by this idea that a subtle hint of peach was exactly what my next Moscow Mule needed, so we did a little trial and came up with this Peach Ginger Moscow Mule that I love.

This cocktail involves a few stages. First you will need to infuse your vodka which takes 3-5 days… so plan accordingly. The second stage is quick and just involves a little mixing action.


  • peach infused vodka (peaches and vodka)
  • ginger beer
  • sweetened lime juice
    peach infused vodka recipe

How to make peach infused vodka:

Peel and cut about 2 peaches and place in a clean jar. (I used an old apple sauce jar that I washed in hot water.)  Fill your jar with vodka. Let it sit out on the counter for 3-5 days giving it a little shake each day.
ginger peach moscow mule cocktail

After you have your vodka infused, you are ready to mix your peach ginger Moscow mule.

I highly recommend that you invest in a couple of copper mugs. They really do make a difference and make your cocktail super cold.

Ginger Peach Moscow Mule Recipe:

We mix this right into each copper mug.

  • Ice
  • 6 parts ginger beer
  • 2 parts peach infused vodka
  • a splash of sweetened lime juice

Garnish with a fresh slice of peach.

ginger peach moscow mule


And just in case you are wondering where to find copper mugs, I rounded up these for you.

where to buy copper mugs

Crate & Barrel                 ||             West Elm              ||                  Amazon                ||              Target

(the ones I own)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. YUM! I’m crazy for moscow mules, I will definitely need to try this!

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