A Beer Cocktail You Will Love… Even If You Don’t Like Beer

This no fuss beer cocktail is perfect for outdoor entertaining and only requires two ingredients.

Sometimes the late afternoon calls for an adult beverage. Am I right? The sun is going to be shining a whole lot more in the coming months and around here that means time in the backyard with friends.

This no fuss beer cocktail is going to be perfect for those times and only requires two ingredients. And it has proven to be a hit even with non beer drinkers.

beer cocktailPin

I plan on serving this at a little Cinco de Mayo dinner that I’m hosting next month, but trust me this just might be your go to summer entertaining drink!

Easy Beer Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 pack of Corona or Corona Lite
  • 1 can frozen limeade concentrate

Empty the 6 pack of beer into a pitcher and let it sit for a bit so that there is no foam on top. Then add the can of frozen limeade concentrate and stir carefully until it is dissolved. (You don’t want to stir too vigorously because you will get too much foam.)

Garnish with a slice of lime, pour and enjoy!

cinco de mayo cocktailPin

Be warned. This tastes like you are drinking a refreshing glass of juice. It is that good.