9 Easy Kids Toy Storage Ideas

You have kids - and their toys come with the package. And you need simple and easy toy storage ideas, now.

Left alone, toys tend to multiply unchecked all over the house. It doesn't take long to realize that having your kid digging around in a giant toy box or dumping toys all over the living room floor just ain't gonna work. We want our homes to be a fun and safe place for kids to grow, right?

These easy kid toy storage ideas will keep you from losing your sanity or having your kid's room declared a disaster area. You may find one or several ideas that can be combined, depending on the age of your kids and the size and type of toys you're wanting to corral.

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How To Get Your Kids Toys Organized

The key to success before investing in toy storage solutions is to do a complete - be ruthless! - toy decluttering. Follow these simple and effective toy decluttering strategies you can do with your kids, and then purge toys regularly thereafter.

Once you've chucked everything that can be donated, sold or tossed, you can 1) plan where to locate toy storage so it's easily accessible and 2) decide what type of toy storage you need that keeps your house realistically neat and is in easy reach of little hands.

Let's get you started.

1. Large Toy Storage

I love a good IKEA hack and Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog has a neat storage solution for big bulky toys that modifies two Hejne storage units. Just whitewash, assemble, and you're in business!

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2. Small Toy Storage

As my daughter got older her toys seemed to be made up of lots of little things. I came up with a way to keep all those pieces together so she could get out and put away her toys by herself, and these peek a boo storage bags did just that! You just need a few supplies and basic sewing skills, and you can follow my step by step small toy storage bag tutorial to make these bags.

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Kid storage bins

Sometimes open shelving is a mess waiting to happen because when you have open shelving you tend to set things there that don’t belong. The solution is to enclose smaller toys as much as possible to reduce visual clutter and get them off the floor.

Measure your shelves and purchase uniform containers for teeny loose toys and collections (Matchbox cars, Legos). These could be woven baskets, wood crates, wicker, plastic, cloth, whatever. Just make sure they use up the shelf space and fit properly. You can paint each one differently or use labels so your child knows which toy goes in which bin.

You can also combine large and small toy storage - even stuffed animals - in the same shelving unit. Anika built this one herself, and you can get her plans and assembly steps (linked in the photo below) to make it your own.

3. Kids Table With Storage

Here's another clever IKEA hack that combines a round table with two Moppe mini storage units. Both fun and functional, this idea provides storage with play space and is easy to assemble. Check out the tutorial by Ashley at Sugar and Cloth.

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4. Bath Toy Storage

If you've ever tried to navigate around bath toys strewn over every flat surface, you'll love these two super simple ideas for bath toy storage. You can't get much easier or more budget-friendly than this inexpensive plastic laundry basket. Just glue pool noodle slices to the basket's bottom to elevate it enough so the bath water can drain and stick that puppy in your bathtub. The Crazy Craft Lady has the details here.

Or you can try sewing a simple mesh bag and attaching it to the bath wall with two strong suction cups, like Emily at Life Sew Savory. I love easy, don't you :).

5. Kids Bed With Storage

You can hide jumbled toy messes inside furniture by turning your actual kid bed into storage.

When I was searching for a big boy bed for my little big boy, I set out on a serious hunt for a twin bed with storage so he could easily get to his toys AND put them away. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so instead I came up with my own DIY platform bed with storage and the results were better than I imagined. Get the supply list and steps to make your own here.

While I used IKEA Trofast shelves and bins for storage, blogger Jen Woodhouse went a step further and built actual storage drawers for her daughter's super cute bed. Get her tutorial here.

6. Kids Art Supply Storage

Mason jars can be used a ton of ways for easy storage throughout the house. This idea posted by Home Jelly simply organizes kid art supplies grouped according to kind into Mason jars. If you're feeling crafty, you can glue a tiny plastic animal on the lid and spray paint all of it a bright color. But you don't have to and you've still achieved the goal of organization with minimal investment.

For more serious arts and crafts lovers, you may need to find more storage room. Look for a wall and start hanging see-through plastic bins of various sizes to hold pens, scissors, glue and etcetera. Chelsea of Lovely Indeed even placed the bins behind a cabinet door that hides the entire mess out of sight.

You can also get a rolling art cart that corrals craft supplies into one spot, and rolls it conveniently into a corner or closet when your little Rembrandts are done with their creations. Art cart storage by Artful Parent.

7. Child's Art Display

What you don't store away, you can display on this large DIY Cork Board Wall. It's perfect for displaying your kids' art, certificates, and photos so papers and stuff from school doesn't turn into a mountain of mess on the counter.

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8. Kids Dress Up Storage

Not every kid is crafty; some enjoy playing pretend and dress up and it doesn't take long for that collection of costumes and imaginative accessories to accumulate. Megan from The Homes I Have Made set up a easy, budget-friendly dress up station for her kids and shows you how to make one here.

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9. Lego Storage

Figuring out a system for Lego storage probably deserves its own post but for now we'll look at two ideas. One is to go vertical with storage like this IKEA Trofast shelf, and then sort the tiny pieces into deep bins however you/your child choose.

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Vertical Lego Storage - via Bump to Baby

For kids whose room is flooded with thousands of Lego pieces, its IKEA to the rescue again with Lack side tables and Trofast pull out bins for an easy project anyone can make. Vineta at the Handyman's Daughter also purchased IKEA Trofast shelves and painted them to resemble giant Legos. With room for 18 bins, just two shelves will definitely tame the Lego mess.

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