Easy Halloween Photo Display From A Thrifted Frame

How to make an easy Halloween photo display so you can enjoy all that kid cuteness from years past!

I’m pretty sure nothing’s cuter than little kids in their Halloween costumes. Am I right?

So Halloween comes and goes and we take a bunch of pictures and then pretty much never see them again. All that cuteness gone to waste. No bueno.

Well, this year I’m enjoying all the Halloween cuteness from years past with this super simple Halloween photo display, and it was such an easy project!

easy halloween photo display from a thrifted framePin

Best part? It’s one of those projects that you can literally have done in less than one nap time. (It’s even easier than my DIY Halloween door decoration.)

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Supplies For DIY Photo Display

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  • Frame (I kept costs low by using a thrifted frame that I picked up at the Goodwill.)
  • String or paper rope
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Foam cut outs (these bats and spiders are from Michael’s)
  • Spray paint (if you don’t like the color of your frame)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Staple gun

How to make a photo display

The first thing you’ll want to do is get rid of the insides of the frame so you have just the frame. If you spray paint it, give it a light sanding first and then a few light coats of spray paint. Let it dry completely.

Next, you will attach the paper rope or string in what ever pattern you wish, securing it with a staple gun on the back side of the frame. To start and stop the string use 2 staples, bend the extra rope or string down at a 90 degree angle, and then staple again. This will keep the rope or string from slipping out.

halloween photo display from old framePin

Once the string is attached, plug in your hot glue gun and arrange your cut outs how you want them on your frame. Once it’s hot, attach the cut outs to the frame with a small amount of hot glue.

To add a little flare to my mini clothes pins, I attached foam spiders to each pin using the sticky dot already on the spiders. If you find some of these cute little things that don’t have a sticky dot, or if the sticky dot isn’t sticky enough, you can use hot glue here too.

To get my photos a bit smaller than the standard printing size, I inserted the images all over a Word document page, then took my file to FedEx Office and printed them on thicker paper with their super duper color printer.

When I got home, I cut them out and clipped them to my new Halloween photo display!

Now I get to enjoy the memories of past Halloween fun all month long! My little girl who is 5 ½ (she would be so mad if I didn’t say the ½ part) loves looking at the pictures too. I’m sorta impressed with how much she remembers about each year and it’s so much fun to reminisce with her.

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