Easy DIY Fabric Lined Drawers

Today we are talking fabric lined drawers.

One, because I have a fabric problem and I need to come up with ways to use my leftover fabric so I don’t feel weird buying more.

And two, because putting the finishing touches on my entryway has been on my list since I found this beautiful credenza a bit over a year ago.

This is the spot where we come and go, usually with my hands (and arms) full of kids or kid related stuff. Without this space fully functioning we would be forced to leave the house without shoes because lord knows they would be strewn about the house and we just wouldn’t have time to find them.

So since this little spot in my home is so important, I wanted to pretty it up a bit, and fabric lined drawers are the perfect way to do that right?


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I know some of you are probably thinking, who looks in those drawers anyway if they are just for your shoes and keys and random stuff? I do. And I really enjoy a pattern, especially in an unexpected spot.

Also, I’ve started to do little details just for me, cause it makes me happy. This is one of those. And it was so super simple, you’ll want to add some happy pattern to your drawers too. I’m sure of it.

Supplies For Fabric Lined Drawers

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How To Make Fabric Drawer Liners

fabric drawer liners

Step 1: Cut fabric

Cut your fabric pieces a few inches larger than the bottom of the drawer you are working on. These lines don’t have to be exact or even very straight. You’ll make your final cuts later.

Step 2: Mix Stiffy

In a bowl mix equal parts Stiffy and water.

Step 3: Saturate fabric with Stiffy

Dunk your pieces of fabric until they are well saturated. I started by folding my pieces of fabric, but found that the liquid wasn’t getting between the folds very well so I had to unfold and dunk portions at time. What ever you do, don’t squeeze your fabric because you don’t want to create creases or wrinkles at this point.

You want your fabric to be saturated, but not too drippy. And because you can’t wring out your fabic (remember: no wrinkles) I found that I had to sort of shake out my piece of fabric over my grass. Sorta like you do when you are folding a blanket or towel. It is a little bit messy, but as long as you don’t shake too hard you’ll be fine.

Step 4: Let fabric dry

Lay each piece flat to dry. I laid mine out on a plastic drop cloth hoping that they would dry in time for me to bring them in at night (cause ideally you want to iron each piece just before it is completely dry).

That didn’t happen and I had to drag the drop cloth into the house at night to continue drying, knowing that I would probably wake up to completely dry and not so smooth pieces. Don’t worry, I found a solution for this, so just let yours dry completely if you need to.

Step 5: Iron fabric pieces

Iron each piece just before it is completely dry OR (if you are like me and your timing was completely off) iron your completely dry pieces using the steam function. This will put just enough moisture back into the project to make each piece nice and smooth.

Lay them flat again for a little bit longer so that this time they dry and are smooth. Your pieces of fabric should feel about like card stock once they are dry.

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Step 6: Measure drawer bottoms

Take really good measurements of your drawer bottoms and cut each piece to fit. The easiest way to get really clean edges is to use a rotary fabric cutting tool and cutting mat. It's best to have to trim them down a little bit to lay flat in the drawer, so don’t cut too small to begin with.

Step 7: Lay fabric in drawers

Lay the fabric pieces in your drawers! You could use double sided tape to keep them in place if you want to, but I didn’t have a need for that. Mine stayed put just fine and I like that I’ll be able to take them out and dust them off on occasion since two of the drawers house my kiddos' shoes-- and therefore a ton of sand.

Isn’t that a fun pop of unexpected? You know you want some fabric lined drawers now… don’t cha?

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