5 Best Places to Buy Fabric Online

Wondering where to buy fabric online? I've rounded up the best online fabric stores so you can buy fabric online without leaving your home!

I'm a big fan of pattern and color in my home, but I can't always find what I'm looking for to get the exact look and feel I want, so I often buy fabric online and take on my own easy home sewing projects.

It's a great time saver and I can shop for fabric online from the comfort of my sofa long after the brick and mortar fabric stores are closed.

But not all online fabric stores are created equal so today I'm sharing my absolute favorite online fabric stores and why I love them.

I'm also going to give you some tips for buying fabric online to make sure you get the right color and scale you're going for and point you in the direction of my favorite collections at each to convert you to the belief that yes, you can buy fabric online!

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Why You Should Purchase Your Fabric Online

Buying fabric online can save you a ton of time

  • With the list of online fabric stores I'm going to share with you below, you can quickly search for the exact color and pattern you're looking for without having to drive from one store to another. Then it arrives at your doorstep.
  • There's no waiting in line to get your fabric cut and in my experience the fabric I've bought online comes with a really clean cut edge which saves me time when I start my sewing project.
  • I also love that I can pin fabrics to a secret Pinterest board when I'm mixing patterns, and drag them around on the board to find my favorite color and pattern combo before I buy.

My Favorite Online Fabric Stores

Best online fabric store: Fabric.com

Fabric.com is my number one choice and my go-to online fabric store for many reasons.

  • Shipping is free (in the continental US) when you spend $49 or more, which for a fabric addict like myself isn't at all hard to do. Any order under $49 ships for a flat fee of just $4.99 so you'll never end up spending more on shipping than the product itself - we've all been there and it's no good.
  • Fabric.com is a vast online fabric store with all sorts of fabrics for any type of sewing project, but I especially love their home decor fabrics.
  • The site is easy to search. You can search by type of fabric based on what you're using it for, by color, by style or pattern, or even by designer. (I also love that they suggest coordinating fabrics, but I have to admit sometimes they're a little too matchy-matchy for me.)

If you're just getting acquainted with Fabric.com check out some of my favorite home decor fabric designers there:

Best fabric shop online for upholstery fabric: West Elm

This is one very few people know about but it's true, you can buy fabric by the yard online from West Elm!

I discovered this awhile back when I made over this vintage chair.  I had a dark grey herringbone fabric in mind for my project but couldn't find it anywhere. It was by some happy accident that I discovered that I could buy the exact fabric I was thinking of by the yard and do the chair myself!

Tip: One more thing to note about West Elm. I have more than once used their shower curtains for projects because they come in some great prints and they’re a perfect weight for home decor projects like pillows and drapes. A total cheater, I know. But when this girl loves a print, I make it work!

Want to see their shower curtains in action? Check out my DIY Grommet Top Curtains.

They don't offer every single one of their fabrics for sale by the yard, but they're a great place to go when you need upholstery fabric. Their furniture and the fabrics they use on them are high quality so you can get that same quality for your own project. They also have some of their popular prints available so you can sew up your own throw pillows or make drapes!

Best online fabric shop for unique designs: Spoonflower.com

Be careful with this one. It can be addicting! - Consider yourself warned.

Spoonflower is unlike any other online fabric store because the fabrics are designed by individual designers, not big brand names. - It's pretty much a collection of art in fabric form.

You can search by color or by theme which is really fun. Back when I was doing my little boy's nursery I would search themes like "typography" or "bicycles" and got so many fun ideas for his bedroom.

You may remember the DIY duvet cover I made for the Grand kid's room over at my mom's house? That duvet cover was a huge hit and I got so many questions about the teal watercolor chevron fabric that I got from Spoonflower.

I'll admit the prices on Spoonflower are a bit higher than the other fabric resources I've listed here, but you can't find them anywhere else, so you're paying for the uniqueness and supporting some uber talented artists.

Best online fabric store for in-store pickup: Joann.com

Most of us know about Joann stores and if you're into any type of crafting or sewing probably frequently shop there, but when I discovered that you can buy fabric online from Joann.com I was so excited! - And I was really surprised at the modern home decor fabrics that they have available!

There's nothing better than NOT dragging my 2 crazy kiddos to the fabric store and NOT waiting in line behind 20 quilters each having 20 different fabrics cut right? - Nothing against quilters, they're just getting their creative on too.

Joann.com has a great selection of home decor fabrics and they're on sale frequently along with some basic use fabrics in all sorts of fun patterns.

Like most online fabric stores you can search by color, pattern, use, and designer and at Joann.com you can also see if the fabric you like is available in the location near you so you can go pick it up quickly.

Here are my top home decor fabric designers at Joann.com:

Best online fabric store for mixing designs: Minted.com

If you've ever looked for wall art online you've probably stumbled upon Minted - or maybe you know them from their holiday card printing shop, but did you know you can buy fabric by the yard on minted.com too?

And not just any fabric.

Really cool prints designed by artists! Which means when you buy from them you're supporting artists. You can even see where they're from which I think is really fun cause it often means I'm supporting a local artist. - Win!

Tips for buying fabric online

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1 | Know what colors you're looking for before you search

It's easy to get lost in these fabric shops online  so going in with at least one way to narrow your search is key. You'll most likely have a project in mind but keeping to your home color palette and searching by color will get you to the perfect fabric much faster.

Want to learn how to create a color palette you love, even if there are colors in your home you can’t change? Click here to learn about my course, Color Made Clear

2 | Use the scale guide to determine the correct scale of the pattern

It's important to use different size patterns (scale) when you're mixing fabric patterns to create interest.

When you find a fabric you like, click on it and most of the  best fabric stores online have an image of the fabric with a scale guide so you can determine the scale of the print.

For example, you can see here the triangle shapes on this fabric repeat about every 4 inches.

This makes it a larger scale pattern and would look great paired with a small scale pattern. Varying the scale and type of pattern you use is how you mix fabric patterns like a pro.

3 | Know your measurements before you order fabric online

Sometimes you can buy fabric online for cheap prices! Buying fabric online can save you time but if you over buy you won't be saving money. Most online fabric stores allow you to buy by the ½ yard which is great for small projects.

Pro tip: Order samples!

Sometimes it is difficult  to tell the exact color or feel of a fabric just by looking at your screen. — Remember that depending on your screen settings, colors can look different in real life.

It’s rare that a fabric comes to my door and it’s not what I expected, but if you’re at all unsure or you want to see the fabric in your space before you purchase, order a sample of the fabric.

Will you try buying fabric online for your next project?

I hope these resources and tips make buying fabric for your next project online more fun and less overwhelming!