Unisex Shared Kid’s Bedroom For The Grandkids

Decorating a kid's bedroom is so much fun because you get to think outside the box and they don't necessarily have to follow the color scheme of the rest of the house.

It's so much fun to mix colors and patterns and really showcase the personality of the kid's who spend time there and make it their own space.

Are you ready to see the entire Grandkid's Room pulled together? You have been so patient so let's get to it!


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unisex grandkids roomPin


So let's back up. A long time ago my mom came to me wanting help with a room for the grandkids at her house. The challenges… a tight budget, both boys and girls would be using this room, and they are growing fast, so it had to be a design that would last.

Challenge accepted!

We started by painting some (perfect) neutral stripes on the walls for a fun pattern with a practical color choice.

The original plan was to buy some fabric with large dots on them. But when we realized how expensive the fabric was, we had to go to plan B. So I painted jumbo polka-dots onto grommet top curtains and ended up liking them better than the fabric!

unisex kids bedroom ideas

My mom picked up this small dresser from IKEA so that the kids would have some storage on the occasion that the hubs and I get to sneak away for the weekend. The dresser came with those fun turquoise knobs! Score!

And then the wall art caught our eye so we picked that up at IKEA, too.

grey and turquoise kids roomPin

We personalized the space by adding the initial of each kiddo with these simple wooden letters that I jazzed up with mod podge.

I love how the colors on these letters tie all the colors in the room together and add more fun patterns.

initial wall art for kids room

My mom found this great twin bed with a trundle on Craigslist which will be perfect for sleepovers.

That watercolor chevron fabric was the inspiration for this room and it made for the perfect DIY Duvet Cover.

To finish off the bed, I painted pillow covers with polka-dots which saved us some money plus we were able to get the exact colors we wanted.

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But the thing that ties it all together is this decal that my mom was able to customize to say "Uma" since that is what the kids call her. It is the perfect saying for this room.

custom wall decal in kids roomPin

This space turned out better than I imagined it would and my little lady already loves it!

We can't wait for the kids to make so many fun memories here!

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