Color Crush: Aqua + Updated Shelf Styling

You know what can make a room instantly soothing and fun? The color Aqua!

Call it what you want… aqua, aquamarine, turquoise, blue-green, greenish-blue. How about awesome? I sure think so!

Lots of you have been asking about how to infuse more color into your neutral space. So today we are going to look at just that. You can take this color and add it in large or small doses, it’s up to you. Either way, it is going to freshen up your room and give your space a fun shot of color.

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I got so inspired with all of this inspiration when I was preparing for this post that I even gave my kitchen shelves a nice shot of turquoise. I’ll show you pics in a minute, but first…

let’s take a look and get inspired…

Color crush Aqua - So much amazing inspiration for adding turquoise to your homePin

There are so many ways to add a fun pop of color in your space. Some require more of a long term commitment, while others are just a matter of adding colorful accessories or painting something you already own.

One way to add a fun pop of color is on a piece of furniture.

Lots of us have an old piece of furniture that could use a refresh. Sometimes we hold on to a piece we may not like anymore simply because we can’t afford to buy something new. Well I say, try giving it new life with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color!

This wardrobe set in the center of the room not only becomes a centerpiece because of the very fun color, but it serves double duty as a headboard and storage while giving the space two distinct zones.

creative bedroom storagePin

I love what Jen at I Heart Organizing did with this hutch in her dining room. My mom had a hutch just like this for years and she finally got rid of it because it no longer fit her style. Now I’m wishing she still had it so we could paint it a bright color!

aqua painted furniturePin

This all white kitchen gets a shot of turquoise with these really cool industrial stools.


Switching gears to a darker space doesn’t mean you still can’t add a fun pop of color. The bright turquoise on this upholstered chair against the dark charcoal wall is stunning!

aqua accent chairPin

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How about an unexpected pop of color?

Don’t get hung up on just making things look good on the outside. You should be decorating for yourself, so adding a fun pop of color in hidden spots will make you feel good every time you see them.

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess did this on the inside of her kitchen cabinets and I love how it makes her white dishes pop! This would totally make me want to keep my cupboards more organized too!

paint the inside of cabinetsPin

You can also do this same idea on open shelves or cabinets.

aqua paint inside cabinetPin
modern sideboard with aqua interiorPin

Pops of color without too much commitment…

One of my go to ways to add seasonal color to a space is with pillows. I have basic and neutral pillows that stay year round and then I switch out the fun colorful ones depending on the season to freshen up a room and change things up. On that note… learn to make your own zippered pillow cover or easy envelope pillow covers.

sunroom with turquoise accent colorPin

I just recently added a faux roman shade to my kitchen window and love the pop of color that it adds, but even more I love bringing a fun fabric into the kitchen where you don’t always get to add this texture.

white kitchen with aqua accentsPin

One day I will have a nice and clean office like this. I’ve been dreaming of an all white office space, but now I’m thinking a shot of color on the ceiling needs to happen.

turquoise painted ceilingPin

Or just the opposite. An all white space with a turquoise painted floor!

turquoise painted floorPin

This is a perfect example of a very traditional house that added a ton of spunk and a modern twist with this statement staircase. It is beautiful!


Or paint the walls for a whole lot of aqua!

Painting your walls will add a ton of color and really isn’t as big of a commitment as you might think. It is relatively inexpensive and you can absolutely do it yourself.

I love this ombre wall that takes painted walls to a whole new level.


Check out how adding a fun turquoise wall color instantly makes this mix of traditional and retro decor make perfect sense.

aqua wall colorPin

All of this aqua talk inspired this little revamp to my kitchen!

I have an all white kitchen with light blue glass tile and it was craving some color. Adding a shot of aqua to my kitchen kept me within my color palette but made it feel fresh and fun.

aqua in my kitchenPin

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