Colors and Shapes Sidewalk Chalk Game for Toddlers

My daughter is all about practicing her colors and shapes lately. She is also a very active toddler; I thought any excuse to get outside and get her wiggles out is perfect so I came up with this fun colors and shapes sidewalk chalk game for us to play and it has been a big hit!

It helped reinforce her colors and shapes and included one of her favorite things… hopping! Bonus… it was a super simple set up on my part.

How To Set Up Your Sidewalk Chalk Game

Step 1: Draw the shapes

Draw various shapes in different colors in a grid pattern. (When you're drawing the shapes, keep in mind that your kiddo will have to able to make it from one end to the other. So you will have to have like colors and/or shapes close enough together to make this possible).

Step 2: Create a start and finish line

Draw a start line and a finish line.

color and shape activity for toddlersPin

How To Play

Call out either a shape or a color and your little one has to hop from the start line to the finish line by only touching the number or the color that you called out.

This took me about 5 minutes to set up and we played for a good 20 minutes… would have been longer but the sprinklers came on and ruined it.


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