Free Printable Chore Chart For Preschoolers

For the longest time we would be in a store and my daughter never asked me to buy her anything. Then she turned 4.

Now it is a constant question and before I can even say “no” she’ll say “I know what you are going to say, no.” Smart girl!

The thing is, we don’t need any more crap in our house AND it is important that she knows the difference between want and need. My dad’s famous line when I would say I wanted something would be, “ok, you can want that.”

But the other underlying lesson is that you can get what you want if you work for it, and then you may realize that you don’t really want it because you had to work for it. So I’ve started my girl off early and given her the opportunity to earn some of the things she asks for.

At first, I had this scribbled on a sheet of paper, but realized that she needed to be able to read it so I made this printable chore chart for preschoolers with pictures so that they can read it.

printable chore chart for preschoolersPin

She gets a kick out of completing a chore and marking it off each day and it has cut down on the back and forth that tends to happen around here in the morning (bonus!).

I kept this really simple. Pretty much came up with a short list of things she is already expected to do so that her first experience with a chore chart and an allowance is successful. All of the tasks, with the exception of the last one are things she does everyday and in order to mark it off, she has to complete it without arguing (another beautiful feature of a 4 and a half year old.)

chore chart for pre-readersPin

You can download your printable chore chart with pictures below and print it out on a regular sheet of paper. I kept it black and white for simple printing… you’re welcome 🙂

She is currently saving up for a silly rainbow stuffed penguin at Sea World that costs an inflated $24. Not exactly what I would chose, but hey, she probably wouldn’t swoon over a throw pillow from Target either. Haha.