Free Printable Chore Chart For Early Elementary Kids

A bit ago I shared the printable chore chart that I made for my lil' lady who is in preschool. It is perfect for pre-readers because it has pictures, they can start practicing reading the days of the week, and I kept the chores pretty simple. It was such a hit that I got a few requests to make one for slightly older kids that still had pictures, but that had a bit bigger kid duties.

printable chore chart for kidsPin

So that is exactly what I did and now I’m sharing my free printable chore chart for early elementary kids. I think the tasks are more suitable for kids K through maybe 2nd grade.

I hope you enjoy it!

printable chore chart for early readersPin

You can download the early elementary chore chart below and just print it out on normal 8 ½ x 11 paper! (I didn't use colors to make it super easy on you :))