How to Make A Kids Poncho Towel

Here is my typical Saturday morning… get up, the usual breakfast, get dressed, and off to swim lessons. Play with the mister while the lil' lady has her lesson and then…. (insert deep breaths here) full panic mode from the lil' lady cause she is freezing.

I get her in a towel, but the second she has to do anything besides stand there panic strikes again cause she will have to let go of her towel and will get cold.

Please tell me this sounds familiar… anyone?

This easy DIY wearable towel I semi-homemade is the key to avoiding this VERY frustrating situation. She can wear it so it keeps her warm and she can still get her stuff together with her now usable hands!

Hooray me! Why did I not make one of these sooner?

You can make your own wearable beach towels for kids too. It takes less than 15 minutes.

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Note: When I originally set out to do this project I was going to attempt a hooded beach towel. Then it dawned on me that my kids don't like to have things on their heads. Ever!

So if I was looking to stop some complaining, a hooded towel was not going to help me out in that department. So I simplified and just made a poncho style towel. I'll pat myself on the back later 🙂

Supplies to make a beach towel poncho

  • Towel: If you're looking to make a toddler beach towel you'll want to use a smaller towel so they don't trip. When folded in half the towel should reach from their shoulders to about their knees or shins.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

How to Make A Beach Towel Poncho

Step 1: Size the head hole

Fold the towel in half and mark the head hole with pins or a pen. You want to make sure their head fits through but you don't want to make it so big that it falls off of their shoulders.

Step 2: Cut the head hole

Cut down about 1 ½ inches on both ends of the marked head hole.

Then cut along the folded edge from one end of the head hole to the other.

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Step 3: Sew the shoulders

(Try it on for size first before sewing, if possible.)

Fold the long edges of the head hole over 2 times and sew into place. Do the same for the short edges of the head hole.

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Step 4: Make pleats (as needed)

(Optional) After trying it on, if the towel slips off of their shoulders, you need to make a few pleats.

Do that by cinching the two long edges closer in. This will create pleats as shown with the red arrows.

Pin it and sew into place.

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Now your kiddo is ready to wrap up in their own toddler beach towel and still be able to use their hands to eat lunch or help pick up!

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See! She can use her arms and doesn't have to let go of her towel!