Simple DIY’s To Organize Your Office

I’m pretty sure the trickiest part of any room design is the fine balance between pretty things and functional things.

Trying to stick to the guidelines that everything in a space has to be beautiful, functional, or sentimental is one thing, but in an office space it’s always better if everything fits into at least two of those categories since space - and budget! - is often limited. And in an office space, especially for a work from home gal like myself, everything has to serve many functions: business, home, crafts, and storage of all things crafty.

When it came to getting everything organized and easy to find in my new (and might I say quite amazing) shared home office, I came up with a few really inexpensive ways to also add a splash of color and keep up the pretty meter.

For even more inspiration, I rounded up five other amazing bloggers who've been working on getting their office organized, too.

So here it goes…really simple DIY projects to organize an office.


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To keep papers off my desk, I created some fun little cork boards out of cork pot holders. I also have quite a few spiral notebooks where I collect ideas and take notes at conferences and they also needed a home where they would be easily accessible when I’m working.

So with my round cork pot holders and some unfinished wood magazine holders, both from IKEA, I grabbed a few different widths of blue painter’s tape and my craft paint and got to designing some fun splashes of color.

You can find really thin painter's tape online and it's great for small details on projects like this.

The steps for both the cork boards and the magazine holders are the same.

Apply the tape to create your design. Be sure to press the edges of the tape down really well, especially on the cork, so that the paint doesn’t seep under the tape line.

Apply your paint. Let it dry if you're going to tape over your first color to do the next.

Remove the tape while the paint is still wet for the best result.

And that’s really it! You can see that these little afternoon projects added a lot of color and character to my work space and even better, they serve a purpose!

easy DIY's to organize your officePin

Now, on to even more inspiration...

First up is a way to display some things that spark creativity or gather ideas for my projects. I know Pinterest is huge in this way, but sometimes I like the old school way.

Chelsea at Two Twenty One made this fabric covered board with nail head trim. I love the detail!

fabric-covered-memo-board two twenty onePin

I have a lot of little supplies for my crafts and sewing and keeping them tucked away with like items in fabric covered boxes would be perfect!

Amy at Homey Oh My is working on her office space now and has a ton of great ideas like this one. The possibilities of what you could stash in these are endless.

Fabric-Lid-Boxes homeyohmyPin

I also need a spot to put papers that need to be dealt with in some way and these covered cereal boxes from Soho Sonnet are the perfect budget-conscious solution.

Cereal-Box-paper bin SohosonnetPin

Of course I need a handy spot for my pencils so why not make it look cool? Plus, I've been needing an excuse to get out the washi tape, and Erin from How to Nest for Less gives me the perfect excuse right here!

I already have some of these magazine holders on hand, but they could use a little love like these ones from I Heart Organizing. And any time I get to paint something, I'm in!

So. I'm officially adding these simple office organization projects to my to-do list!

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