A Glass Hurricane Turned Awesome Geometric Pendant Light!

My poor mom-in-law has had to walk through a dark room to turn on the light in our guest room for five years. But that changes starting now cause I created a beautiful geometric pendant light out of a glass hurricane and it turns on with the switch! - Go me!

This was one of the first rooms I did in our home, and I hate to say it, but until now it didn’t have a proper light (which is why I’ve never shared it, but that will change soon). There was a lamp on the side table next to the bed, but if you had to go into this room at night you literally had to walk across the room in the pitch black and feel around for the light (not exactly awesome for guests).

But now? Just look at what I came up with!

how to make a geometric hemmeli pendant lightPin

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I guess my reason for not getting a light in here sooner was pretty much based on the fact that I knew the look I was going for, but everything I found that fit the bill was too expensive. I had created a tripod floor lamp from scratch awhile back so I guess it was time to tackle another DIY lighting project.

And it was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.

Supplies For DIY Hemmeli Pendant

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  • Glass hurricane or bowl
  • Pendant light kit (the one I used is small with a candelabra base- like you would use to add individual pendants over an island.)
    • If you aren’t hard wiring it, you will get a light kit with a long wire that you can plug in and you will need ceiling hooks too.
  • ⅛ inch brass tube (you can find this easily online or at a hobby shop that carries remote control car supplies.) The amount of tube you will need will depend on the size of your hemmeli structure in the middle.
  • 24 gauge wire (cut to about 4-5 times the length of all your tube pieces combined)
  • Hack saw or Dremel tool
  • Spray paint (optional) if you don’t like the color of the existing cord and/or light kit.

How to create your Hemmeli Pendant

I originally found a large glass hurricane that I was going to drill a hole in. But when I was at Home Goods recently I found this beauty that already had a hole in it. So I grabbed it and returned the other one. Drilling a hole in glass is totally doable, but it was one less step for me and they were about the same price. No brainer!

DIY hurricane pendantPin

Step 1: Plan the size and cut the tube

The first thing I did was plan out the size and shape that I wanted my hemmeli art to be based on the size of the inside of my hurricane. Mine (the hemmeli) is about 9 inches long and about 4 inches across.

I cut four of each size: 7 inches, 4 inches, 3 inches. You will also need four small pieces to create a box around the top where you will connect it to your light kit. So measure the width of where your light bulb will go and cut four pieces that length.

I started out using the hack saw, but switched to the Dremel which was so much faster.

Safety first! Wear protective eye gear so you don’t end up with a metal splinter in your eyeball!

Step 2: Create the geometric structure

Now you are ready to create your geometric structure. On my first try I used wire that was too thick. It didn’t work because you will need to be able to pass the wire through the same tube 2 or maybe even 3 times. The 24 gauge worked perfectly.

Start by creating one side of your structure and slide the pieces on in that order. Then holding all the pieces close together, bend your wire till you get the shape of your first side. Loop the wire around your starting point to hold it in place.

Then add the remaining sides to the next side of your structure and bend into place. If you find that you have ended up on the wrong side just go through the tube till you end up where you need to be to add more.

Repeat this until you have the four sides of the top portion of the diamond.

modern geometric light fixturePin

Step 3: Add the bottom

Now it’s time to add the bottom. (This is the part where I wish I would have used longer pieces so that it created more of a point on my finished product.)

Feed your wire through the tubes so that you end up at the bottom of your existing structure and add 2 bottom pieces (mine were 3 inches.) Then bend it and feed it through to the other side and add 2 more so that you create a point in the middle.

Then you will want the wire to be coming out that point and feed it through to the opposite triangle in order to hold that middle point together tightly.

Once you are done you can feed the wire back up to your starting point, loop it around itself a few times and cut off the excess.

linking pipes with wire - diy hemmeli lightPin

Step 4: Assemble light

Ready to put our pendant light together?

I sprayed my light kit gold so that it would go better with the look I was going for. It was black before. The light kit should come with a washer and a nut to hold a shade in place. You will use the nut to hold your hemmeli structure in place.

Place the socket into the square that you created at the top of your geometric structure. Then carefully tighten the nut to hold it in place. Don’t worry if it looks a little wonky at this point. You can straighten it out later.

Finally, feed the ceiling side of your wire through your hurricane and pull it into place.

DIY hemmeli pendant lightPin

Follow the instructions that came with your pendant light kit to attach it securely to the ceiling.

And that's it!

DIY Pendant Light With Geometric CopperPin

I’m thinking that this might just be my favorite DIY to date! And I’m sure my mom-in-law is going to be all hugs when she realizes that she can turn on the light in her room with the switch!

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