DIY Rustic Modern Floating Shelves: part one

I live in a track home in the suburbs and have a lot of big walls and not a lot of definition when it comes to dividing one room from another.  And although I love the open concept, it is a challenge to add character and interest into a space.  But I think I nailed this one and I am super excited to show you these rustic modern floating shelves that the hubs and I built!  I have to admit, I was a little hesitant at the beginning of this project, but absolutely love how they turned out.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

 These Vintage Revivals inspired Modern Rustic Floating Shelves solved 2 main problems for me.

One, they provided definition for my living room (which is actually just part of a giant room right when you walk into my home that includes the entry, dining room, and living room.)  You can see in the photo that this was a large space to fill and putting large art there was not going to add to the collected feel I’m going for, not to mention it is way to predictable…snore.

And two, they provided a place for me to display some pretty things.  I don’t have a lot of opportunities to do this in my house and think it adds so much personality and warmth.

This post turned out to be really long so I broke it up into 2 parts.  Today I’ll show you how we built the shelves, and tomorrow I’ll show you how we installed them.

Ok. Onward!

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Supplies:(Each of my shelves  is 43 inches long, 10 inches deep, and 2 inches tall.)

Just a little FYI… You can order all of your supplies on and they will gather it all up for you and all you do is pick it up!  No more wandering around the store lost! Yipeeee!

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 1: Cut your wood. (Again, I made five 43 x 10 inch shelves.  Your cuts will change if you change the size of shelf.)

  • Cut ten, 43 inch long pieces of 1 x 3 wood.
  • Cut ten, 8 inch long pieces of 1 x 3 wood.
  • Cut fifteen, 8 inch long pieces of 1 x 2 wood.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Before drilling I made a template so that I made sure I was drilling into the center of my boards.  They are quite thin, and you don’t want them to split.  To do this I took an outline of how wide my boards were and marked 2 holes in the center.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

I poked holes in the paper where these marks were and used it at the end of my 43 inch boards to mark where I would drill.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 2: Pre drill holes for the backs and start a wood screw in each hole.

Be sure that the screws you use have a flat head on them because they will be up against the wall and you don’t want them to interfere with the board being flat against the wall when you install the shelves.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 3: Attach side pieces (your eight inch 1 x 3s)

Lay your 43 inch board (the one you just started the screws in) and an eight inch 1 x3 on their sides at  90° and check to make sure they are square.  Attach the two pieces by screwing in the screw you just started so that it goes into the end of the 8 inch piece.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 4:  Attach your front boards.

Lay your front board (43 inch board) in place and pre drill a hole through both your front board and the side piece.  The size of your pre drilled hole will depend on the size of the hex bolt you are using.

Then, insert the hex bolt with a washer to hold the two pieces together.

Now you have the frames of your shelves!

Step 5: (Optional) Stain your shelves.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 6: Cut the tops for the shelves.

Take a measurement of the inside rectangle  of your shelf frames and cut a pieces of underlayment just a hair smaller so that the underlayment fits just inside of the frame.

This wood is super thin and will splinter.  See this quick tip to make sure the wood doesn’t splinter.

Note**If your tops are slightly too tight, use a sander to shave them down a little bit.

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

Step 7:  Put the tops on.

Take your shelf top (underlayment) and lay it on a flat surface and put your frame over it, making sure that the underlayment fits just inside the shelf frame on all sides.

Lay 3 pieces of your 1 x 2’s on top of the underlayment and from the outside of the frame nail in place with a finishing nail on both sides.

Flip the shelf over (holding the top in place) and you are done!

*Note: I did not stain the tops of my shelves because I really liked the two-tone look.


DIY rustic modern floating shelves

DIY rustic modern floating shelves

So now the hard part is over.  So go kick your feet up and I’ll be back on tomorrow to show you how to install them!

If you completed these shelves show them to me!  Shoot me an email or share them with me on social media.  Use #heythereinspiration


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40 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Modern Floating Shelves: part one

  1. Love these floating shelves! I am sharing this to Pinterest.

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  3. Shakera says:

    What did you use to mount them on the wall?

    1. We screwed them directly into the wall. It is part two of that post and you can find it right here.

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